It's the time of year when everyone is trying to get out of the city and have some fun. Here in Phoenix, that means escaping the 115-degree Hellscape of the desert by going up North to camp, fish, kayak, or engage in some other recreational activity. These activities generally require extra cargo space in your Tacoma. Once your truck bed is full, you are pretty much out of options, but not when you install a bed rack or roof rack. These aftermarket additions will garner you the ability to carry more cargo or larger items with ease. Here at Stage 3 we have several options for bed racks and roof racks that can extend the utility of your Tacoma and make your next excursion much easier.

Toyota Tacoma Bed Racks & Roof Racks

Why use a bed rack?

Many Tacoma owners eventually run into a situation where the limited bed space of the truck isn't quite enough. One of the best options, to avoid installing anything on the roof, is a bed rack. There are several different types of bed racks available, each with their own benefits and drawbacks. Bed racks are popular because they provide a solid foundation for cargo or aftermarket accessories while sitting above the bed, leaving the bed free for storage and hauling. Many available bed racks offer clamp-on installation and are specifically designed to be tough enough for the most rugged off-road experiences. Not only do the bed racks give you extra storage space to haul more cargo, but they also offer the utility of aftermarket items like a truck tent. These bed racks are going to be for Tacoma owners who want the extra utility, increased storage, durability, and ease of installation, without altering the look of the truck's cab.

RCI Universal 18

What about roof racks?

Sometimes installing a bed rack isn't an option. What if you want to leave the bed of your Tacoma unobstructed? What if you want to give the cab a rough, rugged look? That is where roof racks come into the picture. Roof racks give you the same utility, but generally have a smaller footprint, taking up less space on your truck. A roof rack system can give your truck an aggressive look, and these racks are built tough as nails and can handle the worst that mother nature can dish out. There are several types of installation available for roof racks, one of the most popular being clamps that attach to the door jamb and lock into place. The roof racks are the perfect addition for those that want extra storage space for cargo like camping gear or sports equipment, without giving up any bed space.

Rhino-Rack Vortex 2 Bar Roof Rack

How about cool accessories?

There are so many cool additional accessories available for both bed racks and roof racks. Whether you're looking for something to secure your cargo or you want to extend that extra storage space, at Stage 3, we have the accessories to meet any need. There are also specialty carriers available that allow you to haul everything from snowboards to fishing equipment to mountain bikes. These accessories allow you to transport this equipment safely and securely, even on rough terrain. This safety and security can be the difference between a successful trip to the lake and damaged equipment, or worse yet, a damaged Tacoma!

Yakima HighRoad Bike Rack & Carrier

So, if you're trying to escape the hustle and bustle of the city or just take the whole softball team's gear to the next game, the bed racks and roof racks you are going to want are here at Stage 3! How would you use a new bed rack or roof rack? Do you have any cool stories about how these racks have improved your Tacoma? We would love to hear from you in the comments below!