Just when you thought that there weren't' enough 2.5 coilover options out there for the 2004-2008 F150s, 2009-2013 F150s, or 2014-2020 F150s, we at Stage 3 have gone and done added a new lineup of coilovers to the site. Meet Radflo Suspension and their lineup of 2.5 front coilovers and 2.5 rear shocks for the 2004-2020 F150s and 2020-2014 SVT Raptors. Now, before you start throwing things, the Radflo 2.5s actually have some things going for them that may make them the perfect choice for your F150 build.

F150 Radflo 2.5 Coilovers

Basics of Radflo's F150 2.5 Coilovers

On paper, the Radflo F150 2.5 Coilovers have a lot in common with other F150 2.5s. They have a 2.5" diameter shock body with billet aluminum upper and lower mounts with an Eibach coilover spring with and preload adjustment collar for dialing in ride height. Ride height capability is 0-2" and are set at about 1.5" out of the box. The Radflo 2.5s come standard with a remote-mounted reservoir for an increase in oil capacity and improved cooling over internal reservoir coilovers. All of these components work together with the specialized valving and FreeFlo piston to give your truck a nice bump in handling and performance over stock and more basic leveled struts and 2.0 coilovers.

F150 Adjustable Compression 2.5 Coilovers

Choice of Coilover Spring, and What that Means

So what's so great about these things? Well, while the Radflos look like every other coilover on the market, they have a huge advantage in one key place: their springs. Radflo allows you to choose between a 550lb/in, 600lb/in, 650lb/in, or 700lb/in coil springs so that you can really fine-tune both your ride and ride height based on either your personal taste or any extra weight you have on the front of your truck. The lower spring rates are perfect for bone-stock trucks and will help keep a softer ride than other 2.5 coilovers that use higher spring rates as standard. When paired with Radflo's 2.5 coilovers with adjustable compression, you could potentially get an extremely plush ride on the road. On the other end of the spectrum, the 650lb/in or 700lb/in options are great for trucks that either want a tighter on-road ride or to support heavy boxed steel bumpers and winches while maintaining maximum ride height.

2004-2020 F150 Radflo 2.5 Rear Shock

Radflo's Remote Reservoir F150 Rear Shock

Radflo's 2.5 Rear Shock for the 2004-2020 F150s feature a very similar design and construction as the front 2.5 coilovers. That's not a bad thing. Unlike most 2.5 rear shocks that use a piggyback reservoir, the Radflo 2.5 rear shock has a true remote-mounted reservoir that gets the resi farther away from the shock body to further improve cooling and reduce fade over other shock types. Radflo does not currently have an rear shock with adjustable compression for the F150s, but hopefully we'll see one in the near future.

A Tuneable, Unique Suspension Option for your F150 Build

Unfortunately, we do not have our dirty hands on a set of Radflo Coilovers or rear shocks as of yet. We'll hopefully get that done sometime in the near future to provide some real-world insight on how these coilovers work and ride out in the field. On paper, the Radflo F150 coilovers and rear shocks have a lot going for them. The choice of spring rate is pretty awesome if you need a 2.5 coilover, but you're concerned about maintaining ride quality on the road. The only real downside of these coilovers is their relatively low 2" ride height and 1.5" out-of-the-box ride height, which puts them lower than some options. Still, if 2.5 coilover performance and ride quality preservation are your main goals, then the Radflo coilovers are a great choice.

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