Driving off-road can be one of the most dangerous drives you have to make, besides getting run off the road by texting teenagers on Los Angeles's 405 freeway. If you have a camping trip or off-road excursion in your near future, then all of us at Stage 3 Motorsports recommend that you install off-road light mounts to ensure you can cut through the darkest of nights to see Bambi, boulders or other obstacles. The 2019 Ford Ranger has been out for a while now and there are some great options, especially from lighting giant Baja Designs. Check them out here to learn about the pros and cons of some of the best lighting options.

Baja Designs Off-Road Light Mounts

2019 Ford Ranger Fog Pocket Lights:

Baja Designs has a pair of Squadron lighting choices that fit in your fog pocket. The Squadron Sport Complete Fog Pocket Kit and the Squadron Pro Complete Fog Pocket Kit are great options to see in the dark. Both lights use a wide cornering pattern perfect for dusty or foggy weather conditons. Its flattened horizontal 42° beam allows for a comfortable view when zipping down the trail. There are some differences between the Pro and Sport models. The Sport version has 3,150 lumens per light and possesses a wattage of 26 while drawing two amps. The Pro ups the stakes with 4,900 lumens a light and uses 40 watts while drawing 2.9 amps. While the Pro obviously gives you more light output than its counterpart, you need to look at the bigger picture first. The Pro clocks in around the $470 mark while the Sport only will cost you under $300. The Sport allows for more wiggle room if you plan on adding more lighting upgrades from this list. It is more bang for your buck, so you don't bang into a buck! All joking aside, either fog pocket light will be a valuable addition.

Fog Pocket Lights

2019 Ford Ranger Lower Bumper Lights:

When it comes to lower bumper lights, you have so many options from our friends at Baja Designs. Dropping in cube lights or a light bar will instantly give your Ranger a workhorse light package. If you want to drop in cube lights into your lower bumper, then you once again have the great selection of either a Squadron Sport Complete Lower Bumper Kit and the Squadron Pro Complete Lower Bumper Kit to brighten the wilderness. Both lights use a driving/combo beam for a good blend of wide and far lighting to see a lot of surrounding area in front of you. Per light, the Sport offers 3,150 lumens, 26 watts, and draws two amps while the Pro gives 4,900 lumens, 40 watts, and draws 2.9 amps. You can acquire the Sport for just over $450 while the Pro costs around $800, and four Squadrons can be yours! Some might not like how cube lights look in your lower bumper, and if that's the case for you, then we also have some light bars from Baja Designs to meet your needs and give a more "full" look. The S8 20" Light Bar and the OnX6+ 20" Light Bar are another great choice. With a driving/combo pattern, these light bars also give you a nice blend of distance and peripheral light like the cube lights. The S8 light uses 18 LEDs and projects a whopping total of 12,656 lumens, 112 watts, with an amp draw of 8.12. The 12 LED OnX6+ bar takes this output to the next level with totals of 24,920 lumens and 216 watts with an amp draw of 16.6. These light bars will give you some of the best performance off-road, but there's not much to complain about if you have the money to spend. No matter which package you pick, Baja Designs sets the bar.

Lower Bumper Lights

2019 Ford Ranger A-Pillar Lights:

A-Pillar Lights are another option that Baja Designs caters to those needing an off-road light mount. The Squadron Sport A-Pillar Kit and the Squadron Pro A-Pillar Kit uses the same lights as the fog pocket options to light your way. Its wide cornering pattern is perfect for anyone off-roading, traveling, or working late. It fits by your Ranger's windshield and A-Pillars snugly and easy for a non-permanent solution. The Squadron Pro is still pricier than the Sport in this package, with the Pro costing around $550 while the Sport is roughly $200 cheaper. The Squadron series still impresses us with its lighting specs, but the A-Pillar mounting style isn't everyone's cup of tea. Some folks don't like the look of a cube light on each side of their windshield and would rather keep it clean. If you don't mind the fitment though, then these lights will be a pillar of support while in the wilderness.

A-Pillar Lights

2019 Ford Ranger Reverse Lights:

Why should the front of your Ranger be the only side to get good illumination? When you have your truck in reverse, you want to make sure you're not backing off a cliff or into an obstacle. Baja Designs's S2 Reverse Kit will keep you safe when looking at your backup camera or out of your Ranger's back window! It was designed to fit compactly without drawing much power. Just because it doesn't overuse power doesn't mean it isn't a bright light! It uses a wide cornering light to generate per light, 1,130 lumens, 12 watts, and a 0.9 amp draw. It is also is convenient because of its wiring harness's ability to automatically activate the lights when your truck is put into reverse. Critics might desire bigger lights on their Ranger's rear bumper, but these S2 lights are honestly as good as you need at a reasonable price of about $250! You won't regret this purchase and reverse the decision to use these lights!

Reverse Lights

So, I think it's safe to say that there are some great options in the aftermarket community for 2019 Ford Ranger off-road light mounts! Baja Designs understands the needs of consumers and creates great products to help your Ranger out. Don't rely on stock lighting or cheap off-brand illumination the next time you take your Ranger off-grid. Do the safe and smart thing and consider these lights for your build. We'd really like to know your thoughts and experiences with off-road light mounts. Have they ever gotten you out of scary situations? Let us know in the comments below!