The 2019-2020 Ford Ranger looks nice, but exterior upgrades are always nice to give your truck a unique style. If you replaced the factory grille with something more fierce, then you shouldn't neglect the lower grille in your factory bumper. The lower grille looks a bit vanilla, so modifying it will help the truck look more complete! The Putco Hex Style Lower Grille Insert uses a hexagonal pattern for an aggressive appearance but also still allows airflow through to the intercoolers of the Ranger. The grille helps break up the unimpressive, black plastic middle of the bumper grille and features a black powdercoat. Its high quality stainless steel construction will resist corrosion and won't break easily like cheap alternatives. It is important to know if the factory license plate bracket is mounted in front of the lower bumper opening, then it will need to be moved for the grille insert to fit properly. This part also comes in a two versions: one that fits Rangers with adaptive cruise control and another that fits Rangers without adaptive cruise control. Either way, Putco's Hex Style Lower Grille Insert should be high on your list of potential modifications.

2019-2020 Ford Ranger Putco Hex Style Lower Grille Insert!

Putco Hex Style Lower Grille Inserts:

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