Changing tire pressure might seem like a chore to some guys, but it's an essential step to ensure proper driving conditions. You may need to depressurize your tires a bit for proper off-road driving. Afterwards, it is important to fill your tires back up to street and highway levels for safety. Pressuring each tire individually to the same level is certainly manageable, but it can be a bit time consuming or annoying if you just want to get on with your travels. Fortunately for 2019-2020 Ford Ranger owners, Up Down Air now has a convenient and easy solution with their Air It Up® Gen 2 Four-Tire On-Board ADS System. This four tire inflation system has the capability to inflate or deflate all four tires simultaneously. The system is compatible with most air compressors, but does not include one with the kit. The system requires some drilling but is a bolt-on, drop-in unit that uses wheel-well mounted chucks and DOT approved whip hoses to direct air into the tires. Just hook up the hoses, choose your tire pressure, and press a button to fill your tires. An on-board regulator makes getting the tire pressure accurate easy to track. The kit features a heavy duty construction to ensure long lasting use to keep your Ranger's tire pressure in check.
2019-2020 Ford Ranger Up Down Air Air It Up® Gen 2 Four-Tire On-Board ADS System!

2019-2020 Ford Ranger Up Down Air System

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