Just because the 2019 Ford Ranger is too close to the ground in its stock form doesn't mean it has to stay that way! As an off-road traveler, you need a vehicle that offers more clearance. Your Ranger's rear also shouldn't be condemned to sag from heavy accessories in the rear. Small, stock wheels and tires additionally are lame and you need something much meaner for most of our tastes. While you could pick up one of our many leveling kits to fix these problems, you'll be hard-pressed to find a more complete package than a lift kit from BDS! The 6" IFS Lift Kit is exactly what you need for off-road suspension, steering and driveline geometry. The ride height and improved performance is accomplished with a strut spacer, a preload spacer, crossmembers, drop brackets, lift blocks and u-bolts. You also get the option to add on Fox 2.0 or BDS NX2 Shocks, a UCA kit, intrusion beams and rear shackles to further improve stance and performance. When fully installed, you will not see a significant drop-off from factory ride quality. The suspension system also allows for fitment of up to 35" tires. Don't trust other leveling kits that overextend CVs at full droop, and let the BDS 6" IFS Lift Kit improve your mighty 2019 Ford Ranger build!
2019 Ford Ranger BDS 6

2019 Ford Ranger BDS Lift Kit

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