Just because the 2019 Ford Ranger is a midsize truck doesn't mean that it can't be modified to look meaner and bigger. With a 2" leveling kit from Daystar, you can revolutionize your truck and fit 33" tires. The 2019 Ranger Daystar 2" Leveling Kit will make your truck better. With an easy install on top of your factory struts without strut disassembly. It uses a strong polyurethane design to withstand abuse that your Ranger could potentially take while driving off-road. Luckily, the 2" of leveling will help your Ranger rise above most obstacles on treacherous trails. Even with these upgrades, you will not have to sacrifice your great factory ride. This leveling kit not only makes your truck look great, but it'll perform just as wonderfully! This kit is only available as a pre-order at the moment, but you can assure you are the first to get it.
2019 Ford Ranger Daystar 2

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