You probably know by now that the 2019 Ford Ranger can cross off-road terrain as capably as a midsize stock truck can. With its slight stature though, we recommend adding some aftermarket leveling parts to ensure that your Ranger performs better and has more lift to prevent low scrapes. Fox has introduced some new leveling parts to compliment your Ranger's build and give you a better experience off the grid! We have added one front coilover (pair) and one rear shock (pair). The nitrogen-charged, tough aluminum front coilovers add 3" of lift to your Ranger's front end. The 2" diameter rear shocks also has an aluminum build for durability and can handle up to 1.5" of lift. Both of these packages offer two shocks or coilovers to lift both the left and right sides of your Ranger. Let your 2019 Ford Ranger thrive on treacherous terrain with the performance and height boost the Fox leveling parts offer when you pre-order today!
2019 Ford Ranger Fox Leveling Parts Now Available for Pre-Order!

Fox Leveling Parts