The 2019 Ford Ranger handles decently from stock, but if you haul or tow heavy loads often, then you'll want to install an aftermarket sway bar to stabilize your ride. Even if your Ranger had a stock rear sway bar, it probably wouldn't be able to keep up with modern day load and tow demands effectively. That's where our friends at Hellwig come in with their Adjustable Rate Rear Sway Bar specifically crafted for the Ranger! After an easy bolt-on installation, you'll receive an instant impact whenever you turn corners! The bar's heat treated chromoly construction, large diameter and quality components improve handling and reduce unwanted body roll. Even if you aren't towing or hauling gear, your Ranger will maintain a nice everyday ride quality. If you aren't satisfied with how your Ranger handles, especially when hauling or towing, then consider an Adjustable Rate Rear Sway Bar from Hellwig, now available at Stage 3 Motorsports!
2019 Ford Ranger Hellwig Rear Sway Bar!

2019 Ford Ranger Hellwig Sway Bar

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