When driving your 2019 Ford Ranger, no one wants water to get into the cab on a stormy day and some would rather their truck's exterior stayed clean on off-road treks. WeatherTech has the answer with their new side window deflectors and mudflaps! We can all agree on correcting the first issue with the addition of a deflector, and while we enjoy a dirty truck now and then, there are merits outside of appearance when you add mudflaps. WeatherTech's 2019 Ford Ranger Side Window Deflectors come in a front and rear pack, as well as separate packs for both ends. They attach easily to your Ranger with an OEM-look and quality without the ugliness of exterior tape. Its beautiful low-profile design allows interior heat to escape and minimizes wind noise. The deflector helps your side windows to stay dry no matter what weather conditions you face. WeatherTech's 2019 Ford Ranger Mudflaps also come in a combined front and rear pack, or individual kits for both ends. Fitment is achievable in minutes without wheel or tire removal and drilling. In addition to keeping your Ranger cleaner on the trail, it also shields your fender and rocker panel from flying debris. Let WeatherTech take your truck to the next level with a more comfortable and safe driving experience!
2019 Ford Ranger WeatherTech Mudflaps & Window Deflectors!

2019 Ford Ranger WeatherTech Window Deflectors

2019 Ford Ranger WeatherTech Mudflaps