When you're going off-road, it is important to have proper lighting just in case your trek lasts later than dusk. However, some great light bars are not legal for street use. If you want great lighting for off-road use but also keep street legality, then the SS Series light bars from Diode Dynamics are for you! Whether you want a shorter, longer, white, amber model or a specific lens type, you have so many options in our SS Series Light Bars category. You can get 6" Light Bars, 12" Light Bars, 18" Light Bars, 30" Light Bars, 42" Light Bars, 50" Light Bars to light your way. These light bars use advanced TIR optics to provide a highly efficient, focused lighting experience. Depending on the type of off-roading you do, you might want to consider different lens types. You can find driving, wide, flood and combo patterns to give you a good near or far illumination, or a blend of both. Amber colored lights could also be beneficial to cut through bad weather conditions. These lights are just what you need and are a valued addition to our already expansive lighting parts.
Diode Dynamics SS Series Light Bars Now Available!

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