While there are many premier lighting manufacturers, Diode Dynamics has made a mark on the aftermarket lighting world once again. If light bars aren't for you and you want a more compact LED light, then Diode Dynamics' compact 3" SS3 Pods are the option for you. Despite their small stature, the pods emit plenty of light to ensure a quality package. This can partly be credited to the pod's excellent TIR optic for better efficiency and focus than typical lenses. The lights come in four different beam patterns: driving, fog, spot and flood for different street or off-road situations. Each beam pattern also features a Sport model and a Pro model, and while both are great lights, the Pro features twice the power of the Sport. You have the choice of white or amber color, with the amber being better for bad weather conditions or if you want a different look. Each pod features a round or square design with mounting brackets or a flush mount. The flush mount allows for different fitment placements on your vehicle, like on the bumper and truck bed for rear visibility. Besides included mounting hardware, you will also receive Deutsch-style wire pigtails for operation. The pods additionally have a pin-fin heatsink design for a more efficient thermal dissipation. To power up to two pods, you'll need to add a Light Duty Dual Output Light Bar Wiring Harness. If you plan on installing more than two of Diode's lights, then a Heavy Duty Wiring Harness will be required. Stage 3 Motorsports is ready to set you up with some SS3 Pods today!
Diode Dynamics SS3 LED Pods!

Diode Dynamics Standard LED Pods

Diode Dynamics Round LED Pods

Diode Dynamics Flush LED Pods

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