The factory exhaust systems of the 2011-2019 F150s and the 2010-2014 SVT Raptors are choked off by both a forward resonator and a large muffler that keeps these trucks extremely quiet. One of the easiest and cost-effective ways of getting a more aggressive sound out of your truck is with a resonator delete, and FactionFab's Resonator Deletes fit the bill perfectly. These high-quality resonator deletes are made out 304 stainless steel and drop right into place of your F150 or Raptor's stock resonator assembly without any cutting or permanent modifications. The FactionFab Resonator Deletes are an easy and inexpensive way to give your F150 or a Raptor a great sound in practically no time. Check below for a full list of FactionFab F150 and Resonator Deletes.

FactionFab F150 Resonator Deletes

FactionFab F150 & Raptor Resonator Deletes: