When ICON released their 3.0 coilovers and rear shocks for the 2017-2019 Raptors, everyone lost their collective minds over the awesome finned reservoirs included with those powerful dampers. Now you can replace the standard 2.5 smooth-body reservoirs on your ICON 2.5 remote reservoir coilovers or 2.5 piggyback reservoirs of choice with 2.5 finned reservoirs with ICON's 2.5 7.5" Finned Reservoir Kit for 2.5 Remote Reservoir Coilovers or ICON's 2.5 10" Finned Reservoir Kit for ICON 2.5 Piggyback Rear Shocks. Both upgrade kits come with two complete finned reservoir assemblies, as well as new seals, hardware, and mounting rails so that you get everything you need to upgrade your ICON 2.5 Smooth-Body reservoirs. The ICON Finned Reservoir Kits increase the surface area of the reservoir which improves cooling and fade resistance, while adding a layer of protection since the sealing surface and main reservoir body is less exposed. These kits do require complete shock body disassembly and a rebuild, and we strongly recommend a professional install at a qualified off-road or shock shop.

ICON 2.5 Finned Reservoir Upgrade Kit