If you've been mulling over a gear and differential upgrade, our friends over at Motive and Powertrax have some good news: their Spring Rebate is now extended until June 30th, 2019! You can get up to $100 back when you purchase a set of Motive ring-and-pinion gears, Motive install kit, and a Powertrax differential! Lesser amounts are also available for purchasing individual components from either Motive and Powertrax. For the full run-down, check out Motive and Powertrax's Rebate Form. This rebate lasts until June 30th, 2019! Don't delay, and give us a call directly at 623-434-5277 to put together the Motive Gear and Powertrax differential package that you and your truck have been waiting for!

Motive & Powertrax Rebate!