Well, there's no way to really sugarcoat it, but the current COVID-19 Coronavirus Pandemic is causing a bit of a disruption in everyday life for folks all over the country and the world. Unfortunately, we here at Stage 3 Motorsports aren't immune from some of these disruptions. Arizona Governor Doug Ducey has just issued a Stay at Home Order for all non-essential businesses that will take effect Tuesday, March 31st, 2020. While we'd make a strong argument that performance parts and accessories are an essential part of any post-apocalypse vehicle build, established definitions and case law is not our side. We at Stage 3 have already had employees working from home for a few weeks, and now our entire team will transition to working from home. We are not closed, and we are still open for business!

Stage 3 and its employees are still taking orders, providing answers to your technical questions, assisting you with your performance parts orders, and adding parts and information to our site. However, some delays are inevitable and unavoidable in this unfortunate situation. Our remote warehouses are still operating, and most products will still be shipping in a timely manner. While our sales staff will retain their phones, our customer service staff is going to transition entirely over to email and our online contact form for communication. We have response times down to within 24 hours, but please be patient when contacting our customer service staff as some delay is inevitable. Please email [email protected] with any customer service related issues.

On top of our own local issues, overseas supply chains are strained due to travel and shipping restrictions, which has hurt the availability of both overseas-derived product and domestically manufactured products that use imported raw materials. Manufacturers located in heavily-effected areas are reducing staff or even shutting down entirely to protect their at-risk employees and their families. Our employees may have to take time off due to Arizona's current school closures and other potential life issues caused by the COVID-19 Coronavirus outbreak. We, again, ask for patience if and when these issues to arise.

We understand that it may be frustrating to not receive your order in a timely manner. We are all enthusiasts, and we absolutely feel your pain. We will do our best to fulfill and ship your orders in a timely manner and provide you accurate updates on availability and ETAs. We appreciate your support throughout the years, and it's been the loyalty and faithfulness of our customers that has allowed Stage 3 to become one of the best sites on the internet to purchase parts for your truck. Please bear with us as we fight through these issues. We will beat this thing. Thank you for your continued support!

Stage 3's COVID-19 Status!