It's practically a guarantee that with how old 2004-2007 Super Duty 6.0Ls are that the transmission in yours has either has gone out or is about to. With the transmission being the second most important part on your truck, it may be worthwhile to see if there's a way to upgrade either a part of it or the the whole thing. A new transmission can work wonders for the performance and reliability of your 2004-2007 Super Duty, especially if you are able to pair it with a "BulletProofed" 6.0L Powerstroke. Here at Stage 3 Motorsports we have everything you need if you want/need to go ahead and replace any part of your transmission setup. In addition to the parts, we also have complete transmissions as well. To be specific, we have complete transmissions, flexplates and clutches, oil pans, coolers, controllers & electronics, torque converters, and even full rebuild kits if you decide to go that route. For the sake of this article, we'll take a look and break down the three most important products when it comes to transmissions; flex plates, torque converters, and of course complete replacement transmissions.

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Flex Plates And Clutches For 2004-2007 6.0L Super Dutys

If you're hearing a loud clanking, chiriping, or light knocking while your engine is running and you have an automatic transmission. Then the culprit may be the flex plate. The flex plate is a metal disk that connects the output from the engine to the input from a torque converter. Usually flex plates take the place of what's called a fly wheel that does the same thing for manual transmission vehicles. Basically, the flex plate is located on the back of the engine block so replacing it usually means that you have to block up the engine, and remove the entire transmission and torque converter. So it is highly recommended that this operation should be done by a professional. If you find yourself in this predicament, one product to take a look at is the 2003-2007 F250 & F350 SunCoast Billet Flex Plate. This product is machined from high quality solid billet steel that eliminates excessive wear and breakage issues. On top of that, this product is SFI spec 29.3 approved, which means that it is created to be able to tow heavier loads, climb steep hills, and even race. If your flex plate is fine, the next thing that you will have to check is directly connected to it, the torque converter.

2003-2007 F250 & F350 SunCoast Billet Flex Plate

Torque Converters For 2004-2007 Super Dutys

Nestled within the bell housing of the transmission is the torque converter. The point of the torque converter is to help keep your truck idle when not in use and engages the proper gears while in use. It acts as a fluid coupling that pressurizes automatic transmission fluid which helps to supply the force necessary to shift between gears going down the road. A bad torque converter prevents transmission fluid from being properly pressurized which directly impacts gear function and operation. Some ways to tell your converter is bad without actually removing the transmission is if your vehicle is slipping gears, has an increased stall speed, or it would emit sounds that either sounds like a clicking or whirring sound. Replacing this is not an easy process so it is recommended that you go through a professional. One product that we would recommend throwing on your truck is the 2004-2007 F250 & F350 6.0L Banks Billet Torque Converter-5R110 (Up to 1100 ft/lbs). This converter features a multi-disc lockup clutch assembly and improved forged-steel billet housing that maintain solid contact without flexing. This Banks Billet Torque Converter with Race Lock technology provides far greater torque capacity than stock (1100 lb ft vs. 740 lb ft). From its single-piece billet housing CNC-machined from forged steel to the furnace-brazed turbine and impeller, and from the furnace-brazed and hardened turbine hub to the hardened pump drive made of 4130 chrome-moly steel to withstand massive torque, the Banks Billet Torque Converter is built for precision, performance and long-lasting durability. It's been meticulously designed to properly match the Ford's torque band to deliver the maximum power to the wheels and improve acceleration. The Banks Billet Torque Converter is also a smart upgrade for trucks modified for increased performance. The entire assembly is balanced and blueprinted for ultimate performance and smoothness.

2004-2007 F250 & F350 6.0L Banks Billet Torque Converter-5R110 (Up to 1100 ft/lbs)

Complete Transmission Replacements For 2004-2007 Super Dutys

After thinking through all of the small things it could be, You could get to the point where you just say, "screw it" and replace the whole thing. It's certainly the path I would go down rather than trying my hardest to replace specific parts when I could have a completely new transmission I do not have to worry about. The actual process of installing the previous two items involves removing the transmission anyway, so why not. Here at Stage 3 we have a good selection of complete transmissions. However, within that overarching category you have to make a choice between getting just a transmission or investing in one of the packages we offer that includes a torque converter. In other words, you can choose to get just the transmission like the 2003-2007 F250 & F350 ATS Stage 1 Built Transmission Package 4WD (with PTO). This transmission is completely redesigned to perform better than stock. ATS completely rethought of each element of this particular transmission including the pumps to the clutch plates. It also features performance clutch packs and valve body modifications for improved performance and efficiency. ATS also offers a class-leading warranty of five years or 500,000 miles protecting your transmission from manufacturer defect. Or you can choose to go after something like the 2005-2007 F250 & F350 6.0L 4WD BD Diesel Ford 5R110 Automatic Transmission & Converter Package that includes the torque converter for a competitive price. The transmission in this kit comes with a heavy-duty aluminum pan that has 6 quarts of extra oil capacity over stock. The folks at BD Diesel also added a heavy-duty snap ring and blow-off valve to help prevent runaway pressure that normally damages the case. They also included a reworked front pump and an upgraded sump filter. BD Diesel also takes the time to replace the plastic pressure plugs in the valve body with aluminum. Every transmission that BD Diesel sells has been dyno tested to ensure you are getting the best product. BD Diesel created the torque converter in this package with enhanced applications for stalling, street, and towing along with a modified stator that helps increase the torque multiplying the effect. This torque converter also has a lower rpm response than the stock converter and three high-performance clutch surfaces that result in an overall more efficient operation. BD engineered this converter with a furnace-brazed pump/turbine fins that work with a stamp-forged steel front cover. They also took the time to make improvements made to increase the cooling and lubrication of the clutch plates. This converter is designed to generate less heat than stock and provide better fuel economy for your truck as well. Included in the design of this torque converter is a high yield strength forged machined piston, as well as an HD damper, assemble that absorbs close to twice the stock capacity shock load.

2005-2007 F250 & F350 6.0L 4WD BD Diesel Ford 5R110 Automatic Transmission & Converter Package

Obviously if you want to go down that route, there is another thing you can do rather than replace your entire transmission or hunt down a specific part that my be faulty. That thing is to rebuild your transmission using a rebuild kit like the ones we have for sale. Rebuilds are very time consuming and involve a lot of studying on your craft and careful handiwork. If you chose to go down this route we have things that will help like the 2003-2005 F250 & F350 ATS Master Transmission Overhaul Kit. This particular kit includes everything you need for a complete transmission refresh on your 2003-2005 Super Duty, including all rings, seals, paper, and rubber; all steel and friction clutch disks - Low Reverse (6), Forward (4), Direct (4), Intermediate (3), Overdrive (3), and Coast Clutches (3); band and filter, as well as bushings, bearings, etc. The transmission is the the heart of your trucks performance. Similar to the brain to the heart, signals are sent from the engine to the transmission to be able to make it go forward, reverse, and change gears. Take care of the heart of your truck by taking care of it through routine maintenance.

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