Just because the 2019-2020 Ford Ranger is a midsize truck doesn't mean that you can't bring along tons of cargo on your next vacation or workday. Last week we examined how much storage the Ranger's modest bed can hold, and what accessories can be added to protect your gear and to add more storage possibilities. While a decked out truck bed is awesome and comes in handy, the top of your truck bed also possesses so much more cargo possibility. If you add a roof rack kit to the top of your Ranger, you'll never have to leave anything behind again! There are many applications made specifically for your Ranger to not only have great carrying capacity, but also a beefier appearance. Consider a cross bar roof rack from Rhino Rack or Black Horse, a KC HiLites M-Rack, or Rhino Rack's Backbone Mount and Pioneer Platform System.
Top view of Stage 3 Motorsports' 2019 Ford Ranger equipped with a Rhino Rack Pioneer Platform roof rack and tent in Sedona, Arizona!

2019-2020 Ford Ranger Cross Bar Roof Racks

A cross bar roof rack is a quick and easy but effective option to mounting whatever you need on top of your Ranger. Rhino Rack and Black Horse have numerous cross bar roof racks for you to find what's best for you. Rhino Rack offers the Vortex and Heavy Duty models, but the 2019-2020 Ford Ranger Rhino Rack Vortex ROC25 2 Bar Roof Rack (Black) is an effective system at an affordable price. The Vortex ROC25 system securely attaches to the roof without damaging the truck. Glass reinforced nylon legs bolster the rack system and feature specially molded, santoprene pads to follow the contour of your Ranger's roof. The legs excellently support the aerodynamically designed, aluminum Vortex crossbars. The bars support up to 165 lbs for you to bring along a variety of gear. A lockable cover and key also allows you to make sure that no one messes with your stuff if you have to leave your truck in public. An even more economical option without sacrificing any quality is the 2019-2020 Ford Ranger Black Horse Traveler 52" Cross Bar Roof Rack (Black) to beef up the build. The sleek Traveler connects to your Ranger's roof quickly without damaging the truck, like its Rhino Rack counterpart. Clamps were designed to fit securely against the contour of your Ranger's roof and in the curves of the door jambs, securing the system in place. Durable anodized aluminum helps enhance the strength and for the rack to stay rigid atop your truck. The cross bars have further capability with its ability to fit a cargo basket to hold even more goods. However, while clamp racks are economical, install easily and look great, because of their clamping design, some upkeep is required to ensure safety. To ensure your rack and gear stay safely on top of your roof, remember to inspect and re-tighten the clamps as needed. Cross bar racks and carrying accessories also tack on a lot of height, which can affect clearance in some situations, especially if tall gear is attached. The cross bars are a much taller rack than the next two options you can pick.
A Rhino Rack Vortex ROC25 Cross Bar Roof Rack for the 2019-2020 Ford Ranger!

2019-2020 Ford Ranger KC HiLites M-Rack Roof Racks

More permanent, heavy-duty options are available to store gear on top of your Ranger's roof. If you're looking for this, then consider the 2019-2020 Ford Ranger SuperCrew KC HiLites M-Racks Roof Rack for your storage needs. The M-Rack uses a complete aluminum material for a sturdy construction, but also doesn't weigh down your truck with a weight of only 25 pounds. It also only adds 2.5" above your truck so it does not have many clearance issues, like in your garage. KC KiLites used advanced vehicle scanning technology so the M-Rack would perfectly match the contour of the Ranger's top. The M-Rack curves with the roof so there are no gaps and it provides a clean look. The rack provides plenty of space for you to mount all kinds of cargo. If you are looking for even more accessories to make this rack stand out, you can fit a 50" forward-facing light bar and four side 10" light bars to the rack. If you want lights included, check out the 2019-2020 Ford Ranger SuperCrew KC HiLites M-Racks Roof Rack w/ 50" C-Series Light Bar. The KC HiLites 50" C-Series LED light bar fits in the front of the rack and provides intense illumination. In order to light your surroundings as well, a full set of four 10" C-Series Area/Flood Lights are also included. However, unlike Rhino Rack's and Black Horse's cross bar roof racks, installation requires permanent modifications. Cutting and drilling into the roof is required. If you're a stickler about marking up your truck for good, then the crossbars previously mentioned will be more your preference. However, the secure fitment of this rack will not disappoint you and saves you from frequently checking and readjusting leg clamps.
A KC HiLites Roof Rack equipped to the top of a 2019-2020 Ford Ranger!

2019-2020 Ford Ranger Backbone System w/ Pioneer Platform Cargo Trays

The next application on our list requires two separate parts to mount an impressive, premium cargo tray onto your Ranger. On our Ranger build, we installed Rhino Rack's Backbone System and Pioneer Platform Cargo Tray, and you should consider it too. One of the most premium storage options you can add is a 2019-2020 Ford Ranger SuperCrew Rhino Rack Backbone System with Pioneer Platform. Rhino Rack's Pioneer Platforms function as heavy-duty cargo trays and are one of the most versatile systems the Ranger can have. Oversized cargo and smaller gear both have plenty of places to be tied down because of the system's flat, slatted design. While some racks can get noisy, this system helps reduces wind drag and noise so your fast drive is as comfortable as possible. With an aluminum and reinforced nylon construction, the system will withstand whatever you encounter. Like the KC HiLites Rack, not everyone will like that in order to install, cutting and drilling into your roof will be required. While permanent, extensive modification aren't everyone's cup of tea, it is well worth it. Besides the modifications, it will be a time-consuming project to install because the kit comes disassembled. You must install the Backbone System first before the Pioneer Platform can be added. To watch us install the system to our truck, watch the Youtube video below. It is certainly possible to install on your own, but it is recommended to get it safely and professionally done if you are inexperienced. While it is time consuming and a financial investment to get the Pioneer on your truck, it is our rack of choice for our SEMA Ranger Project Build!

Excellent Rooftop Storage so You're Never Unprepared Again
The 2019-2020 Ford Ranger truck bed can be outfitted to hold a lot of cargo, but there's so much untapped potential on top of your roof. Any one of our rooftop storage systems can help you bring along everything you need. Do you have any of these systems equipped? What do you want to install still? Let us know in the comments below!
Side view of Stage 3 Motorsports' 2019 Ford Ranger equipped with a Rhino Rack Pioneer Platform roof rack and tent in Sedona, Arizona!

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