There's more than a few exhaust systems out there for the 2011-2023 F150s, and even our dear friends over at Magnaflow Exhaust have more than a few exhaust options for the F150s, all with different exit styles, sound levels, finishes, and styles. It gets tough to figure out which kit you should actually grab for your F150 build. The good news is that we here at Stage 3 have a lot of experience with both Magnaflow and F150 cat-back systems in general, and we're here to help you find the perfect Magnaflow F150 cat-back system for your very own custom F150 build. Regardless of the specifics, Magnaflow's kits feature a high-quality, construction and near-flawless fitment so that you're getting a great exhaust system no matter what you choose, but being unhappy with how your truck sounds is never fun. Check below for our breakdown of 2011-2023 F150 Magnaflow cat-backs so that you can find the perfect Magnaflow exhaust system for your specific F150.

2015 F150 with Magnaflow Side Exit Cat-Back Kit

Magnaflow Single-Exit Street Series Cat-Back Kits for F150s

At the most mild end of the F150 Magnaflow spectrum are the Magnaflow Street Series Single-Exit Cat-Back Kits. Magnaflow has a 2011-2014 F150 Magnaflow Single Exit Kit and a 2015-2023 F150 Magnaflow Single Exit Kit available. Both of these kits are technically "resonator-back" systems since they keep the stock resonator assembly in place, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. Keeping the stock resonator means you don't have to do any trimming or extending for different wheelbase options, and secondly, you get practically no drone and a pretty mellow exhaust note. Granted, if you are looking for a more aggressive exhaust note, these kits may not be for you. Not to mention, since they exit in the factory location, they don't give your truck a very unique look, nor do they provide you with any extra clearance for off-road use. Still, the base single-exit kits are a great choice if you're looking for a pretty mild and mellow tone that's still more aggressive than stock, or if you just want to replace rusted-out stock components with something that's not too crazy.

2011-2014 F150 Magnaflow Street-Series Single-Exit Cat-Back Kit

Magnaflow Twin Side Exit Cat-Back Kits for F150s

Stepping up from the single side exit kits, we have Magnaflow's Twin-Side Exit Cat-Back Systems for the F150s. Magnaflow has a 2011-2014 F150 Twin-Side Exit Kit and a 2015-2023 F150 Twin-Side Exit Kit available. Both of these kits feature a split at the muffler into two separate tubes that still go to the factory location behind the passenger's side rear tire, but since there's two tips, you get a great, new look that's still pretty clean. Like the single-exit systems, the twin-exit systems are technically "resonator-back" kits, so they also fit basically any wheelbase without hassles and they keep a pretty mild, clean sound. These kits are perfect if you want to give your F150 build a great look without adding so much sound that your truck becomes unbearable. That all being said, if you are looking for a more aggressive sound, this kit probably isn't for you, and if you need more clearance for off-road use, this kit will probably hurt you in the departure angle department. Still, these twin-exit kits are a good choice for F150s that need a more aggressive look without a huge increase in sound.

F150 Magnaflow Twin Side Exit Cat-Back Kit

Magnaflow Dual Side-Exit Cat-Back Kits for F150s

Jumping up into the more aggressive territory, we have Magnaflow's Dual-Side Exit Kits. Magnaflow has 2015-2023 F150 Dual Side Exit Kit available that changes your F150's looks, adds some sound, but still stays light on the drone. This kit features a dual-exit design where the tubing splits just after the muffler and exits both behind the passenger and driver's side rear tires. The addition of an exit on the driver's side makes your truck's exhaust note a lot more noticeable and having a big tip on both sides of your truck really changes up its looks in a big way. Though like the single-exit and the twin-exit systems, this kit is technically a "resonator-back" system which helps keep drone down, even with the exhaust now exiting on both sides of the truck. Not to mention, you don't have to worry about wheelbase sizing. Granted, adding a second set of tubing and the hardware needed to go to the driver's side, the price of this kit does jump up by a bit. Secondly, this dual-exit kit is still pretty mild by a lot of exhaust standards, so if you're looking for something super-aggressive, this system probably isn't for you. This kit also won't help you gain any clearance for hard off-road use, but it does add a pretty tough look for the average ride out to a campground or fishing spot.

2015-2023 F150 Magnaflow Dual-Side Exit Cat-Back Installed

Magnaflow Turn-Down Cat-Back Kits for F150s

The next step up in loudness and aggression is Magnaflow's Turn-Down Cat-Back Kits. Magnaflow has a 2011-2014 F150 Magnaflow Turn-Down Cat-Back Kit and a 2015-2020 F150 Magnaflow Turn-Down Cat-Back Kit available. The Turn-Down Cat-Back Kits add a bunch of sound to your F150 build. They have small mufflers and exit underneath your truck which makes them pretty rowdy. That being said, these kits do keep the stock resonator, which helps fight drone to a large extent, but due to the nature of their design, you're likely to get a good amount of cab noise and drone when you're on the throttle. Like Magnaflow's other "resonator-back" systems, the Turn-Down kit doesn't have wheelbase restrictions, which is nice if you're outside the standard 145" wheelbase norm. One of the main advantages of running a Turn-Down system is that it does give you a lot better clearance, both for departure angles off-road and for letting you run a full-size spare tire that's bigger than stock. This kit is a great choice for a dedicated off-road rig or for anyone that wants a clean, tip-less look. However, just be aware that the Turn-Down kits definitely aren't the quietest things in the world, and they may not be the best choice if you're looking for something more mellow.

2011-2014 F150 Magnaflow Turn-Down Cat-Back Exhaust Kit

Magnaflow Twin Pre-Tire Exit Cat-Back Kits for F150s

The most aggressive and loudest kits that Magnaflow offers are their Twin Pre-Tire Exit Kits. Magnaflow has a 2011-2014 F150 Pre-Tire Kit and a 2015-2023 F150 Pre-Tire Kit available. The Magnaflow Pre-Tire Exit Kits are true cat-back systems that meet up with the factory Y-pipes and delete the stock resonator, so that you don't get any sound or drone reduction. The kit features a twin design that exits just in front of the passenger's side rear tires, which gives your F150 a great look and makes the exhaust sound more noticeable. Granted, this kit is pretty aggressive. While it has a pretty large muffler, the deletion of the stock resonator assembly and the more forward tip placement means that you'll definitely hear this kit. While this kit is pretty loud and proud, it's my no means unbearable, and it's a great choice for anyone looking for a mean sound. Like the Turn-Down Kits, the Pre-Tire systems also give you more clearance in the rear and free up a bit of departure angle off-road, and let you squeeze in a full-size spare in the stock location if you're willing. For all these reasons, the Magnaflow Pre-Tire Exit was our choice of exhaust for our 2015 F150 Desert Runner Project Truck. That being said, you may have to trim your truck's side steps (like we did) in order to clear the tips. Whether this kit is right for you is a question you'll have to ask yourself.

2015-2020 F150 Magnaflow Pre-Tire Exit Cat-Back Installed

Final Thoughts

While Magnaflow does offer a pretty dizzying array of exhaust systems for the 2011-2023 F150s, but how they work and what kind of sound they'll give your F150 build really isn't too hard to figure out once you see it all on paper (or screen). Magnaflow's variety of systems means that you'll more than likely find one that's perfect for your F150 build and gets you just the sound, looks, and capabilities that you want. What's your favorite Magnaflow kit? Are there other brands that we need to break down? Let us know in the comments!

Magnaflow F150 Cat-Back Kits:

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