Alright, so we already have a vast catalogue of tonneau covers for the 2019 Ford Ranger. It never hurts to have more so you can find the cover that best suits your needs. Extang's new Xceed Hard-Folding Tonneau Cover comes in two sizes to optimally fit your Ranger's 5ft or 6ft bed! With a seamless, low-profile, your Ranger will be looking sleek while hauling your cargo around town. With its aluminum panels, frame and hinges, this full perimeter frame will hold up against whatever obstacles are thrown at it, including the weather. An EduraCoat covering provides extra weather resistance to keep your cargo safe and dry. If you're carrying precious cargo, the Xceed also uses a Secure Rotary Release Latching System to provide tamper-proof security from prying hands. The cover's four panels fold so you have better visibility when the cover is open. Quick release support rods hold the tonneau at an upright 90 degrees. The Xceed folds all the way to the back window so you can access all your cargo or haul large objects. Because of these wonderful perks, the Extang Xceed is a solid choice for the 2019 Ford Ranger!
2019 Ford Ranger Extang Xceed Tonneau Covers

2019 Ford Ranger Hard-Folding Tonneau Covers

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