In a lot of ways your front bumper is the first impression that others get from your 2021-2022 Ford Bronco build. The stock bumper is by no means a junker, but incorporating an aftermarket bumper into your Bronco build can do wonders for its appearance, reliability, and utility. As many of the Bronco overland folks out there know, having extra lighting or recovery equipment to mount on your bumper can save a trip from going downhill fast, quite literally. Being equipped to take on the trails is not just about having the killer suspension. You need a quality bumper that offers the necessary ground clearance and toughness to endure off-road abuse. We have gone through our catalog and highlighted the Top 5 Bronco Bumpers to look at in 2021-2022 Bronco 4-Door Bumpers and 2021-2022 Bronco 2-Door Bumpers. Each of these options have different features that can improve whatever your needs are as a Bronco overland adventurer.

Winch Bumpers for 2021-2022 Bronco

Having a winch on your front bumper is what separates the casual weekend warrior from the off-road enthusiast. Taking on tough terrain can leave you in low traction situations where recovery gear like this will save the day. As your adventures progress, you are bound to run into this dilemma out in the wild. Do not be caught unprepared with a simple, non-functional front bumper. Winch Bumpers are a fantastic option for those wanting to push the limits of what your Bronco can traverse.

One of our favorite winch bumpers out there for the 2021-2022 Ford Bronco is the Warn Elite Front Bumper with Baja Tubes. It is the perfect cross between functionality and style for your Bronco front end. You get a durable front bumper pre-treated in a 5 step process with zirconium nanotechnology to get the longest lasting bumper possible combined with winch compatibility with a variety of 8,000lb to 9,500lb Warn winches. Not only is the ability to incorporate a winch great for recovery situations, but there are also jack points with welded eyelets integrated into the bumper design for more recovery options as well. If the durable steel construction with black powder coat finish was not enough to protect your Bronco front end, this Warn Elite front bumper comes with a tubular grille guard for an extra barrier against potentially damaging trail obstacles. This tubular design allows the bumper to maintain the original low-profile design as to not mess with the intended look of this front bumper. Installation of this bumper is easy as it installs right into the factory location. You will, however, have to complete minor trimming of the stock skid plate if you continue to utilize it.

Compatible Warn Winches:

Brush Guard Bumpers for 2021-2022 Bronco

Sticking with 2021-2022 Ford Bronco Winch Bumpers, you might be thinking that you want winch compatibility that is more heavy-duty with a little more strength than 9,500lbs. Depending on what you have on your Bronco build already, you more weight to move in these recovery situations. For the Bronco overland adventurers that haul heavy equipment and cargo or those who have tons of mods on their build already, go with a front bumper that is compatible with stronger winches and have more recovery options.

Our choice for getting a little extra strength out of your recovery is the ARB Summit Bumper. It is a steel bumper with the similar features like the twin jack points in the lower pan and 8T recovery points for an extra recovery option, only this bumper is compatible with 10,000lb winches. This extra load capacity might not seem like much, but it is enough to account for heavy equipment, cargo, and other Bronco mods already on your build. Not only do you get the premium recovery capability, but the unique wing design allows you to accommodate 37" tires for creating the most aggressive Bronco overland build possible. Slap on a pair of these massive tires with this bumper and you have a build ready to take on anything. With this bumper incorporated into your build, you can still maintain all the vehicle functions that you have come to know with the Bronco. Continue to fully utilize the adaptive cruise control, parking sensors, and OE fog lights with no hiccup.

Compatible Winches:

Bumpers with Off-Road Light Mounts for 2021-2022 Bronco

Beyond the recovery options, an aftermarket front bumper can give you the option to incorporate Off-Road Light Mounts into your Bronco build. LED lights of all shapes and sizes can be mounted on front bumpers to add more visibility when the adventures run late. Having the extra light output of a mounted LED light can be a saving grace when you start to lose your way on an unfamiliar path. Keep yourself safe and alert to all that surrounds you out the wild with a front bumper compatible with off-road light mounts.

When it comes to front bumpers with lighting options, one our favorites is the ADD Rock Fighter Front Off-Road Bumper. This front bumper comes with mounts for a 20" light bar and 6" round lights. You get a strong winch compatible bumper with the options to mount a wide variety of LED lighting options. This strength is solidified with the incorporated steel radius plate that allows you to brush off trail obstacles with ease. When things start to go south, you can use the pair of 3/4" D-ring mounts for winching, recovery, and obstacle clearance. There is no trail too difficult for your Bronco with this type of front end capability. This protection is aided by the built-in bash plate that is vented for proper intercooler airflow. A 3/16" aluminum skid plate is optional for the most complete front end protection package.

ADD Rock Fighter Front Off-Road Bumper Features:
  • Comes with mounts for 20" light bar and 6" round lights
  • Includes winch and fairlead mount on top
  • All-steel with radius plate construction
  • Two-tone black powder coat finish

Shorty/Stubby Designed Bumpers for 2021-2022 Bronco

Off-Road Light Mounts and Winches are an absolute necessity for the avid Bronco overland adventurer. What can make this setup even better is a more compact and efficient design that allows for more tire and ground clearance. Short or stubby bumpers can avoid impact on obtrusive obstacles and still offer the same premium protection.

One of our favorite shorty bumpers is the Fab Fours Stubby Winch Bumper with Pre-Runner Guard . The stubby design allows for maximum tire clearance giving you the opportunity to upgrade to a larger wheel and tire combination. You also get the proper ground clearance to keep distance from trail obstacles. The included Pre-Runner guard makes this bumper look impressive. It adds some muscle to your front end for a tough look finished with a sleek black-powder coat. This bumper is winch compatible and has a few different lighting configuration options. You can install up to six 3x3" LED pod lights or two LED pod lights and four 5.5" round lights. Take advantage of high-intensity LED lighting that will significantly improve your visibility and confidence on the trails.

Fab Fours Stubby Winch Bumper with Pre-Runner Guard Features:
  • Mounting options for up to six 3x3" LED pod lights or two LED pod lights and four 5.5" round lights
  • Made from 3/16 guage steel construction
  • Stubby design
  • Integrated D-rings

Most Versatile Bumpers for 2021-2022 Bronco

What takes a bumper to the next level at this point is the variety of options for Off-Road Light Mounts and universal compatibility with Winches. Having complete control to customize your aftermarket bumper to your specific needs is everything. Take your Bronco overland adventures to new places with a more versatile front bumper.

One of the most versatile bumpers that we have is the LoD Black Ops Shorty Winch Front Bumper w/ Black Texture Finish. This short length front bumper is compatible with most winches on the market and has a plethora of lighting and bezel options. The high clearance design keeps the bumper, winch, and premium lighting out of the way of danger while giving you the opportunity to upgrade to a larger wheel and tire combination. LoD bumpers have flat-towing capability that can be secured with additional tie-ins for adding the extra mounting strength. Simply hook up your safety cables and you can be on your way. With this bumper incorporated into your Bronco build, there is no restriction of airflow to your engine. Proper airflow is allowed to the intercooler keeping your engine healthy and your Bronco overland adventures running smoothly.

LoD Black Ops Shorty Winch Front Bumper w/ Black Texture Finish Features:
  • Compatible with most winches including Warn Zero Series
  • Interchangeable lighting and bezel options
  • Super durable 2-stage corrosion resistant powder coated finish
  • Flat-towed, extra tie-ins optional for more mounting strength

Last Thoughts:

When it comes down to it, there is no one bumper that is the golden child. All of these bumper options for the 2021-2022 Ford Bronco have their strengths that can improve your build for your specific needs. The LoD Black Ops Shorty can give you a ton of different lighting options that are interchangeable, while also having all of the other features that make a versatile front bumper upgrade. However, that takes nothing away from any of the other options. Depending on your budget and need, you narrow down what features are most important for the type of overland adventuring you are doing. If you are looking to continue upgrading your Bronco build, comment on what Skid Plates & Armor, Winches, Off-Road Recovery Gear, or other aftermarket upgrades that might be beneficial to supplement with one of these premium bumpers.

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