ICON is excited to announce their 10 Stages of suspension systems for the brand new 2022 Tundra. ICON categorizes their suspension kits into "stages" to differentiate between the various shocks, UCAs, and trailing arms featured in each kit. Each of the 10 stages features their own degree of functionality and utility for your truck, making it difficult to decide what you need for your specific setup, and what you don't. This is exactly why we've decided to breakdown each one of the kits to help you better understand why you may want to choose one system over another, ensuring you get the most bang-for-your-buck out of your purchase. As you progress through each Stage, these kits become more advanced with modern technology which in turn ramps up the price as you get into the later stages. We want to make sure you don't overpay for the right 2022 Tundra Coilover Kit, so continue reading to find out which of these suspension packages will best accommodate you and your Tundra's driving styles and applications.

2022 Tundra ICON Stage 1 Suspension System

The first kit ICON has to offer is among their more "basic" packages for those looking to improve their truck's suspension performance without it costing them an arm and a leg. For lack of a better word, basic isn't necessarily the best descriptor when it comes to this kit because it was still engineered to blow your Tundra's factory suspension out of the water. Starting out, we'll take a look at the 2022 Tundra ICON Stage 1 Suspension Package. This starting kit lays down some groundwork for what's to be expected as we run through the other 9 stages of suspension systems, giving you a better idea of what to look for in the perfect kit for you. Stage 1 is ICON's EXP Performance & Value system as it comes equipped with premium EXP Front Shocks, Aluminum Series Rear Shocks, and a Sway Bar Drop Kit to ensure proper fitment and articulation of these new components. The innovative 2.5 EXP Series front shocks are stronger and more reliable over stock, giving you more confidence the next time you come across a more demanding trail. These shocks also utilize your Tundra's factory coil springs and hardware to provide custom-tuned performance and maximum travel, all in an affordable package. Instead of outfitting your truck with a pair of basic rear blocks, ICON delivers a total suspension overhaul by including their 2.0 VS Aluminum Series Rear Shocks. While these aren't as beefy as the included front shocks, they're designed with a one-piece linear/digressive piston with vehicle-specific valving to ensure unsurpassed performance, ride quality, and control for every adventure. Like all of ICON's front coilovers and rear shocks, the EXP and Aluminum Series shocks are fully rebuildable and re-valvable without compromise. Moreover, this kit will provide your truck with an adjustable ride height from 0-3", perfect for those looking to get a little bit of lift out of their overland warrior.

2022 Tundra ICON Stage 2 Suspension Systems

The 2022 Tundra ICON Stage 2 Suspension System is ICON's Optimized Suspension Geometry kit as it includes your choice of Tubular or Billet upper control arms along with everything else offered in the Stage 1 system. Aftermarket control arms help reduce unsprung suspension weight to improve the overall ride quality for both on and off-road applications. UCAs are also great for accommodating for your truck's new ride height, especially after installing a larger tire/wheel combination. You get your choice between either tubular or billet UCAs, both including ICON's Delta Joint Pro which is fully serviceable and provides up to 90-degrees of movement for bind-free articulation throughout suspension travel. Billet UCAs tend to be a bit stronger with more adjustability when it comes to caster and camber alignments, but there's no real downfall when looking at the tubular UCAs either. Both the Stage 1 and Stage 2 systems will also accommodate for up to 35" tires, helping you further transform your new Tundra into a formidable off-road machine.

2022 Tundra ICON Stage 3 Suspension System

Taking things up a notch, the 2022 Tundra ICON Stage 3 Suspension System now comes with complete ICON threaded-body 2.5 VS Series Coilovers in the front, with an adjustable lift height of 1.25" to 2.25" when using the OE upper control arms. This is the first package we see that sports ICON's coil springs in addition to everything else featured in the Stage 1 kit. You'll still receive the the same 2.0 Aluminum Series Rear Shocks with the Sway Bar Drop Kit to ensure maximum suspension performance and a perfect fit for a simple and straightforward installation process you can complete at home. These premium 2.5" diameter complete coilovers were engineered to require absolutely no maintenance, and are much more dependable than your stock coil springs. This springs will also help ensure the proper compression and rebound when you're out navigating your favorite landscapes, ensuring your truck will keep moving even during the most extreme driving conditions. Aftermarket coil springs will inherently work to keep the tires in contact with the ground as your truck's body rolls from changes in terrain. By bringing the mass closer to the ground, the suspension will have more opportunity to transfer the power to the ground during launches, turns, and bumps. This helps eliminate some of the stresses on the suspension during trail riding and rock crawling for a smoother ride without compromise. It may seem that this kit is taking a step back by not including upper control arms, but for this specific system the UCAs are not required. By using your truck's factory UCAs, you can still experience improved on and off-road capabilities with up to 2.25" of front ride height without draining your wallet. Although not required, UCAs for this kit are in fact recommended which is exactly where the Stage 4 systems come to play.

2022 Tundra ICON Stage 4 Suspension Systems

The 2022 Tundra ICON Stage 4 Suspension System is a solid middle-ground suspension package that delivers premium suspension performance for those who like to do a little more than just get dirty. With this kit, you'll still get the choice between the billet and tubular UCAs along with an adjustable front lift height of 1.25" to 3.5". The included control arms allow for up to a 40% increase in front suspension travel, giving you better articulation and more comfort when you're out on the trails. Additionally, ICON's UCAs are optimized for for lifted and leveled trucks, with caster adjustment built into the geometry of the arm, making it easier to dial in your truck's steering alignment. Although the Stage 4 system is quite the price increase, the included UCAs are going to improve each aspect of your off-road adventures so you don't have constantly find yourself out of tough off-road situations. Both the Stage 3 and Stage 4 systems are tailored for the weekend warrior who is always tackling new terrain and adventuring only where the brave dare to go.

2022 Tundra ICON Stage 5 Suspension Systems

In the next few stages, we start to see ICON ramp up production with their advanced shock and coilover options for the avid adventures who need them most. The 2022 Tundra ICON Stage 5 Suspension System adds remote reservoirs to the 2.0 VS Rear Shocks to improve the overall performance and appeal of your truck. Remote Reservoirs as opposed to internal reservoirs allows for an increase in fluid volume and surface area that results in much faster heat dissipation. Shocks that sport internal reservoirs tend to feature internal floating pistons that take up precious space inside of the shock body, building up heat faster and causing a decrease in suspension performance over time. The remote reservoirs featured on the rear shocks of this kit ensures your truck will be able to handle constant, intense driving conditions so you can stay out on the trails longer without having to worry about overheating. This kit takes the affordability of standard 2.0 rear shocks and combines it with improved rear shock cooling to offer you the best of both worlds when it comes to all of your off-road adventures. Remote Reservoirs also deliver exceptional longevity to provide you with the most life possible for your vehicle and its components. Better yet, with this kit you still get the option to choose your desired UCAs while receiving the same premium 2.5 VS IR Coilover Kit and Sway Bar Drop Kit.

2022 Tundra ICON Stage 6 Suspension Systems

If you're starting to see a trend with how these kits work, you have may guessed by now that the 2022 Tundra ICON Stage 6 Suspension System adds Remote Reservoirs to the front coilovers, and you're absolutely right! This means that you'll get to experience improved cooling under hard use for both the front and rear suspension components on your Tundra. This is perfect for those hitting the trails hard, frequently maxing out the suspension travel on your rig, or wanting to get the longest lifespan out of their vehicle. While remote reservoirs do offer up some serious off-road capabilities, they're not necessary for truck's that see the occasional off-road adventure. If you're not somebody who plans on constantly putting their truck through extreme adventures, this is the ceiling for necessary suspension upgrades. Anything more and you'll simply be just be showing off to all of your friends, but that's not necessarily a bad thing after all.

2022 Tundra ICON Stage 7 Suspension Systems

If you liked the look of the Stage 6 suspension system but wished they came with larger 2.5 rear shocks, you're in luck. The 2022 Tundra ICON Stage 7 Suspension System does exactly that to beef up your truck's suspension front-to-rear. These new 2.5 VS RR Rear Shocks perfectly compliment the 2.5 VS RR Coilover Kit for a massive increase in shock oil volume and surface area to help prevent cavitation while maintaining damping performance over long stretches of rough terrain. Larger shocks in the rear will also help absorb more violent impacts from jumps to help keep everything running smoothly on your adventures. In addition, these rear shocks also feature 7/8" rods and other larger components to handle the long travel and punishing cycle rates of moving quickly across unpaved roads. This is certainly the kit to go with if you find yourself challenging your truck on more demanding trails without having to worry about anything other than controlling the wheel and pedals. This kit was designed to withstand some of the most brutal off-road abuse imaginable, giving you a boost of confidence each time you take the path less traveled. ICON developed these shock with the avid adventurer in mind, enabling you to tackle just about any adventure you have in mind.

2022 Tundra ICON Stage 8 Suspension Systems

Moving on, we'll be taking a closer look at the 2022 Tundra ICON Stage 8 Suspension System. This kit is identical to the Stage 7 Suspension with an included Billet Lower Trailing Arm Kit. The lower trailing arm helps center the axle of your Tundra while freeing up the suspension articulation for consistent performance on any terrain. This particular track bar allows for on-vehicle adjustment to ensure the bar is properly aligned for a precise fitment using the left and right rod ends. Simply loosen the jam nuts and rotate the bar, and use the included machined wrench flats to adjust the length of the bar. This trailing arm will also help prevent your Tundra's rear suspension from binding, improving the overall stability and control of your truck under heavy loads. This track bar is almost necessary for those looking to haul boats or large trailers down to your favorite spots, keeping you in control when turning, braking, and driving at high speeds. If you want to know your suspension components are stronger than most, the ICON Stage 7 and Stage 8 systems were designed for you.

2022 Tundra ICON Stage 9 Suspension Systems

The 2022 Tundra ICON Stage 9 Suspension System seriously takes things to the next level by introducing the ICON CDCV Front and Rear Shocks for this kit. Compression Damping Control Valves or CDCV technology is featured on both pair of shocks to provide you with the ultimate versatility for both on and off-road terrain. The CDCVs are controlled by the dial featured on the exterior of the remote reservoir, offering you with 10 settings of adjustment to help you dial in your desired suspension performance. The CDCV works by controlling the fluid flow under compression, allowing you to achieve the perfect tune whether driving on the street, slow-crawling over rocks, or mobbing across the desert at full throttle. This means you'll be able to stiffen up your shocks for rocky trails, and loosen them back up when you're cruising through town, all with the turn of a knob. The front coilovers and rear shocks still sport the same premium construction along with remote reservoirs featured on the Stage 8 Suspension Package, offering you one of the best suspension kits to hit the aftermarket. The only downfall to ICON's Stage 9 Suspension System is the absence of ICON's lower trailing arm kit. While certainly not required, with a suspension system as technologically advanced as this one, you want to make sure you have the most control in every tough situation you find yourself in.

2022 Tundra ICON Stage 10 Suspension Systems

For the most control, stability, and performance in a single suspension package, you need one of the 2022 Tundra Stage 10 Suspension Systems. If you're already looking to spend the cash on the Stage 9 system, it's probably worth your dollar to invest in the Stage 10 system to ensure you don't leave a single stone unturned. Pairing the CDCV coilovers and shocks with the ICON Lower Trailing Arm kit will provide you with the ultimate suspension performance for your truck. This system combines the adjustability of a rear track bar with the precise suspension tuning of CDCV technology, so there won't be a trail you'll be unable to handle. If you demand the absolute best suspension performance money can buy, don't look past the ICON Stage 10 suspension system.

Final Thoughts

As we progress through ICON's suspension stages, it's obvious that the parts and technology used keep improving, but that doesn't necessarily mean one stage is inherently better than the other. Cost is one of the largest deciding factors when it comes to purchasing a particular item, and you would usually want to get what you pay for. With ICON, each one of their varying shocks and UCAs are built to exceed OE standards, so you can be sure that any of these kits will not under-deliver. If you're looking for a quality suspension upgrade just to achieve a bit of extra performance and ride height out of your truck, any of the first two kits will serve you right. If anything like us over here at Stage 3, and you like to get out whenever you have time, it wouldn't be a bad idea to go with some stronger and beefier shock options seen on the Stage 4 and 5 packages. If you like to push your truck to the limits, but can handle the lack of adjustability that comes with the CDCV coilovers and shocks, choose from 6-8 Stage range for a little bit more confidence when you're out on the trails. Finally, if the CDCV packages didn't sell themselves, we're not too sure what would. We hope this article helped you grasp a better understanding on the differences between each of these kits, so if you liked anything you saw or had any questions, please feel free to let us know in the comment section down below!

2022 Tundra ICON Staged Suspension Systems:

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