Nothing is worse than being bombarded by bad conditions and having the cargo in your truck bed exposed to be ultimately dirty or damaged by the end of it. Tonneau Covers are the savior when it comes to protecting the precious cargo you take with you everywhere you go. If you think all a tonneau cover is good for is adding this premium coverage, then you are sorely mistaken. It is time that you get to know what Bed Racks can do for your secure storage setup along with a quality tonneau. A new line bed racks has arrived that can show you how creative you can get with your truck bed storage space. The Leitner Designs ACS Forged T-Slot Tonneau Bed Racks is heavy-duty bed rack with a quad-rail load beam design and is the perfect supplemental product to a T-Slot compatible tonneau. It has with the ability to be used in conjunction with storage accessories from many of the top brands in the industry that include Thule, Rhino-rack and Yakima. Check out what all the buzz is about with Leitner's new bed racks and see if they will fit well with your current truck build.

Compatible Trucks, Bed Lengths, and Retractable Tonneaus w/ Leitner Designs ACS Forged T-Slot Tonneau Bed Racks for 2021-2022 Bronco

All Leitner bed racks are designed, engineered, and manufactured right here in the USA! They are heavy duty steel bed racks with different options based on your truck bed length. The 5ft and 6ft versions are compatible with the 2019-2022 Ford Ranger and 2016-2022 Toyota Tacoma, while the 5.5ft, 6ft 4", and 6.5ft bed length options vary what model trucks they are compatible with. These model trucks include the 2021-2022 Ford F150, 2019-2022 RAM 1500, and 2022 Toyota Tundra. When picking a t-slot tonneau cover, these bed racks are compatible with Retrax XR Series Tonneau Covers, Pace Edwards UltraGroove Tonneau Covers, and Pace Edwards Explorer Series Tonneau Covers. Each of these options have their own stand out features that make them a fantastic choice to supplement with your Leitner Designs bed rack. The Retrax XR Series Tonneau Cover is a super durable tonneau that provides the strength to hold up to 500lbs of weight on top of it. It is operated with the wireless key fob that controls the electromagnetic brake allowing you to let you lock the cover in whatever position works best for the cargo you are hauling. The Pace Edwards UltraGroove Tonneau Cover features the same hands-free operation with the electromagnetic brake, with some additional unique features that include front and rear drain tubes and heavy-gauge aluminum paneling. Last, but not least is the Pace Edwards Explorer Series Tonneau Cover, with the same great retractable tonneau features and the added bonuses of an interlocked silicon hinge seal for complete weather protection and a sleek, low-profile design that improves the aerodynamics of the cover design for better truck function and fuel efficiency.

Features of the Leitner Designs ACS Forged T-Slot Tonneau Bed Racks for 2021-2022 Bronco

The Leitner Designs ACS Forged T-Slot Tonneau Bed Rack is best way to expand your usable truck bed space and is compatible with storage accessories from top brands like Thule, Rhino-rack, Yakima, and DECKED storage systems. Not only that, but this bed rack is fully upgradable with an ever-growing line of accessories becoming available for this product. You can get creative when it comes to fully utilizing all of the available space with many different configurations. The quad-rail load beam design allows for an endless number of mounted storage options. There is a total of 400lb of load capacity to play with for when you are driving, but the heavy-duty 2.0" square load bars can handle 800lbs when your truck is parked. There is still tons of space to store oversized cargo in your truck bed with the 23" of space between the bottom of the bed rack and the bed caps. You can configure this retractable tonneau cover in whatever way suits your cargo best with the electromagnetic braking and have the room underneath the bed rack for the cargo to stick out if needed.

Installation of the Leitner Designs ACS Forged T-Slot Tonneau Bed Racks for 2021-2022 Bronco

Before you get into the installation process for the Leitner Designs ACS Forged T-Slot Tonneau Bed Rack, you must have your chosen retractable tonneau properly installed first. Once you have done so, you can move forward, preferably with a helping hand. You will start off with the load bar brackets and then work on assembling both the driver and passenger side portions of the active cargo system. This assembly is to be done twice over to cover both sides of the bed rails. After completing the assembly and installation of the ACS, three tonneau nuts are to be installed into each bed rail t-slot. Make sure to space them apart the same distance as the mounting holes in the ACS. The next step is where that helping hand is going to be useful. You are going to install each of the upright assemblies in the same position on each side of the bed rails and then slide the 60" load bars onto the t-nuts into the load bar brackets on top of the upright assemblies. Make sure to center them on the bed rack. Finally, you can install all of the end caps and rubber tread strip, while making sure all of the fasteners are properly tightened from the previous steps.

Last Thoughts

We mentioned that you can use this bed rack with storage accessories from Thule, Rhino-rack and Yakima, but that is not where the fun stops when it comes to customizing how you use this new truck bed storage space. It is the perfect bed rack for mounting Roof Top Tents that makes camping a more comfortable experience, Traction Aids that offer an easily accessible recovery aid, and Recovery Tools & Kits that come in handy when things really go south. Comment which of the products in these categories of our catalog at Stage 3 would go best with a new Leitner Designs ACS Forged T-Slot Tonneau Bed Rack.

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