The new 2022 Tundra has been out for quite some time now, and we're just now starting to see some of the best aftermarket upgrades hit the block for your truck. Specifically, RCI Metalworks just dropped their entire lineup up Skid Plates and Cat Guards for the new 3rd generation Toyota Tundras, offering up the most impressive underbelly protection you'll be able to find. Skid plates are one of the most overlooked yet practical upgrades you can install on your rig, and it's never the best idea to challenge tough and uneven terrain without the proper defense for your truck's valuable components. In this article, we'll be discussing the different skid plate packages RCI has to offer, and why you may want one skid over another for your intended application. Continue reading to find the best 2022 Tundra Skid Plates for your desired look and function, right here at Stage 3.

2022 Tundra RCI Engine Skid Plate

Whether sliding over rocks or hitting a surprisingly deep pothole, many of your truck's most expensive components are exposed below which can result in a costly repair bill after what you thought would be a day of off-road fun. Instead of running the risk of your truck potentially not coming home in one piece, you can invest in the 2022 Tundra RCI Engine Skid Plate for the ultimate protection on any adventure. This particular skid plate takes things to next level with its premium and durable construction, killer good looks, and superior functionality for every application. Like all of RCI's skid plates, this skid comes standard with the option to choose from three different material options including 10 Gauge Steel, 5052 Raw Aluminum, and 5052 Powder-Coated Aluminum. The 10 Gauge Steel construction is RCI's most affordable option, offering up superior strength and style for just about any obstacle you come across. The steel is also powder-coated black to help combat the damaging effects of rust and corrosion while delivering a sleek and low-profile appearance to the underside of your truck. The 5052 Raw aluminum construction exhibits the same level of strength featured on the steel unit while lightening up the load of this plate. This will ensure your truck won't feel weighed down while in transit at the expense of a more rugged underbelly appeal. The 5052-aluminum construction is pretty straightforward as it simply comes with a powder-coated finish seen on the standard steel option. When it comes to the actual functionality of this unit, the Engine Skid Plate shields your Tundra's power steering unit, front differential, front cross-member, engine bay, engine, and radiator from all of the unnecessary bumps and bruises that come with overland excursions. What's more, this skid plate come equipped with built-in drain holes to provide you with easy access to your Tundra's oil filter by using only two bolts, which makes servicing and regular maintenance a breeze. When it comes to installation, this skid mounts to 6 of your truck's existing factory attachment points making it a process you can complete in just minutes! By using 6 attachment points, this skid plate will be able able to handle just about anything you throw at thanks to the added layer of durability provided by the included hardware. Add tons of capability and protection to your Tundra by investing in the RCI Engine Skid Plate today!

2022 Tundra RCI Transmission/Transfer Case Skid Plate

Since you've already invested a ton into your new truck, it wouldn't be a bad idea picking up the 2022 Tundra RCI Transmission/Transfer Case Skid Plate when you dare to take the path less traveled. As you already know, aggressive off-roading can cause irreversible damage to your Tundra's vulnerable underside. This particular skid plate provides you with as much underbelly protection seen on the Engine Skid Plate; however, this skid completely shields your truck's transmission and transfer case against the most extreme off-road obstacles imaginable. The skid's smooth, flat surface easily slides over just about anything in your way without any exposed bolt heads on the plate. This will ensure you won't get caught up on any rocks, stumps, or other debris when you're navigating a more demanding trail. Just like the RCI Engine Skid Plate, this unit comes with your choice of construction to give you the desired look and feel you deserve. The 10-gauge steel delivers all-purpose protection and the best value for the money, perfect for Tundras sporting the stock skid plates or nothing at all. The aluminum construction offers excellent all-around protection for daily drivers and are extremely lightweight yet just as strong as the steel option. This skid plate also bolts directly to your truck's existing mounting points, so there won't be any necessary drilling, cutting, or permanent modifications required. Best of all, this skid is compatible with the RCI Catalytic Converter Guards and includes all of the necessary hardware and instructions to make your life that much easier.

2022 Tundra RCI Catalytic Converter Guards

It's an unfortunate fact that in today's economy theft is on the rise, and Tundras with taller ride heights are easy targets for thieves to come and snatch your Catalytic Converter in the dead of night. Thieves typically slide under lifted trucks with a battery-powered reciprocating saw and cut it right out of the exhaust line in order to quickly spin a profit. In order to prevent something like this happening to your truck, you can pick up the 2022 Tundra RCI Catalytic Converter Guards to help combat would-be thieves and aggressive off-road applications without compromise. In order to properly install these guards on your truck, you must first invest in the RCI Transmission/Transfer Case to ensure a perfect fitment and proper functionality. The guards bolt to your truck with the help of the transmission skid plate to provide exceptional security to your Tundra's cat. The guards themselves were crafted from 10-guage steel that was precisely laser-cut that exhibits superior strength even in the most extreme conditions. Built with plenty of ventilation, these Catalytic Converter guards were made to create adequate airflow in transit while allowing for fast heat dissipation during hardcore trail blazing or when you're constantly running your RPMs through the roof. On top of its magnificent Catalytic Converter protection, this guard also helps strength up the required transmission/transfer case skid plate for an added layer of durability each time you set off for adventure. The guard easily mounts in minutes; although, once installed on the truck it cannot be removed without first removing the skid plate. Do yourself and favor and prevent theft at the source with the RCI Catalytic Converter for your 2022 Toyota Tundra.

2022 Tundra RCI Full Skid Plate Package

Now that we've established the individual skid plate and Cat Guards RCI has to offer, it's time to take a deep dive on the 2022 Tundra RCI Full Skid Plate Package. This package comes standard with both the RCI Engine Skid Plate and RCI Transmission/Transfer Case Skid Plate to offer total underbody protection to all your Tundra's most vulnerable and valuable components. By pairing these two skid plates together you'll be ready for just about any trail or environment you have in mind. While each skid plate will provide some serious coverage on its own, it really doesn't make sense to pick one over the other. In our opinion, the RCI Full Skid Plate Package is the way to go as you can achieve some of the best defense for your truck in a single and affordable kit. While this doesn't come with the Catalytic Converter Guards, you can buy them separately for just a little bit more cash to improve your security and protection ten-fold. Additionally, these skids won't interfere with any future modifications you have in mind, so you'll still be able to slap on a hidden winch mount or any other accessories you desire. Similar to the individual skid plate kits, you will still get the option for the material used so you can show off to all your friends while leaving them in the dust knowing your truck can handle it all.

Final Thoughts With RCI's cutting-edge construction and sleek designs, your Tundra can be outfitted with some of the finest skid plates on the aftermarket. While each one of RCI's skid plate components serve a different functionality and utility, they will work together best as a cohesive unit. If you're planning on purchasing any of these skid plates or have questions about the parts listed in this post, please feel free to let us know in the comments down below!

2022 Tundra RCI Skid Plates and Cat Guards:

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