When you're racing down the road or bouncing on a bumpy trail, it could really ruin your day if you lost some of your equipment that fell out of your 2019 Ford Ranger's bed. Besides the fact that you lost one of your tools, it could also be dangerous for vehicles behind you if the object is large and/or sharp! No one wants to be the guy that lost hundreds of dollars of equipment or the guy that causes a major accident. You probably already know that there's an easy solution to prevent being this guy. With the addition of a tonneau cover from one of our many supported brands, your Ranger bed is theft proof, clean and mean, and more aerodynamic for better gas mileage. One of the best and worst parts about choosing a tonneau cover is that there are so many options! If you want to get a cover for your bed but don't know if a soft-rolling, retracting, folding, or a one-piece best suits you, then you're in the right place!

2019 Ford Ranger Tonneau Covers!

2019 Ford Ranger One-Piece Tonneau Covers:

One-piece tonneau covers offer a nice, uniform finish that can match the rest of your Ranger and features a durable build. On the negative side, they restrict your rear view when opened and are bulky. As you can see, the tonneau looks clean with its solid color that matches your Ranger's finish. When rolling down the road, you'll be sure to impress passing cars. Another great plus about this tonneau is its robust security. Because of its one-piece design, your bed is fully covered and tightly sealed with no chance of seeing into your bed when closed. This will deter thieves from having an incentive to try to break in since they won't be able to see into the bed. If your bed happens to be empty, this would be a big risk for a thief to take. With a hard, tough construction though, any thief will be hard pressed to get into your bed even if they are inclined to do so. However, the concealing, tough one-piece design has its drawbacks! These tonneau covers are heavy and large, so you probably will need help when removing it from the box and installing it onto your Ranger. Once it is installed, its one-piece raises up into the air and will block your view out of the rear window. So it is important to be aware of your surroundings when you have your tonneau opened. In the end, if security and appearance are most important to you, then you should consider a one-piece tonneau cover.

One-Piece Tonneau Covers

2019 Ford Ranger Soft-Rolling Tonneau Covers:

This tonneau excels as an affordable and solid water-proof option. One complaint is that the soft material can be easily broken into. While some more premium models can cost more, soft-rolling tonneau covers generally clock in at the lowest price for bed protection. Here at Stage 3, you can get covers ranging around $300, much cheaper than $1,000 hard one-piece options. This tonneau also does the best job keeping water out of your truck bed. While all tonneau covers have a waterproof design, the soft rolling's one-piece design and smooth material propel liquid off the cover. There are no gaps for water to get into your truck bed. From a negative standpoint, you might want to keep an eye on your truck if you take it to a high-theft area. Because of its soft design, anyone with a knife can cut through the material. Just don't leave your truck alone for too long with valuables inside, and you should be fine. These soft roll-up tonneau covers get the job done, keeping your cargo concealed and dry for an outstanding bang-for-your-buck!

Soft-Rolling Tonneau Covers

2019 Ford Ranger Folding Tonneau Covers:

Folding tonneaus are quick to use and convenient when accessing your truck bed. One potential negative aspect is that they can cost a pretty penny and present potential leak points. These tonneau covers offer some of the best functionality when you need to get into your truck bed. In seconds, you can flip your cover into sections to access cargo positioned in the front, middle or back of your truck bed. This makes it convenient to pull something out near the tailgate without having to lift the whole cover to do so. It doesn't get much better than that for ease of use. However, you need to keep in mind that to get such a convenient cover, you're going to have to dig into your wallet a bit. While Extang does offer a variant priced in the $450 range, most will be in the $1,000 ballpark. You can always opt for the budget Extang, but the other folding tonneaus will be well worth it if you got the money to spend. Another potential issue is that while these covers are waterproof, the downside is that folding covers do not use an over rail design like one-piece tonneaus, which in turn allows more leak points. These covers still keep standing water out, which is the biggest thing you want to avoid. However, some stray water running down your tailgate could sneak in. Don't let this scare you off though, because our folding tonneaus from Undercover, BAK, Extang and Access get the job done and are some of the easiest covers to use. That is, until we get to our next option.

Folding Tonneau Covers

2019 Ford Ranger Retractable Tonneau Covers:

Most people would agree that retractable tonneau covers are the premier choice for truck owners if you want the most convenience and best visibility in a cover. However, its price can start racking up on you and it shares the leak point possibility that the folding tonneau deals with. This type of cover offers the best convenience and easiest operation. You'll love how it smoothly and quickly rolls back when you access your truck bed. Like the folding tonneau, you can also roll it back a certain amount to access anywhere in your truck bed. Also, since it is a retracting cover, it will not block your view out of your rear window at all. You'll be able to keep an eye on the back of your Ranger at all times. If you opt for one of the most premium models, you can even get an electric version that opens and closes your tonneau with the push of a button. There's no reason to get your mitts dirty anymore! While this is undeniably the most premium version of a tonneau, you'll have to pay the price for excellence. For the best electric retractable cover we offer, you'll pay upward of $2,000. Our cheapest manual retractable tonneau costs about half as much, but still is a substantial price compared to other types of covers. Also, because the retractable tonneau doesn't use a wrap over rail design like the folding cover, you could get small leakage from running water down the tailgate. Overall though, retractable tonneau covers are what many truck drivers aspire to own, so give them a look if you're interested.

Retractable Tonneau Covers

Getting a tonneau cover is definitely one of the most important accessories you can gift your 2019 Ford Ranger. Never again will you have to worry about losing your cargo when traveling. If you've gotten this far, then you probably have a better idea of the types of tonneau covers we offer here at Stage 3 Motorsports. There are so many factors that you have to take into consideration: convenience, water proofment, visibility, look, and most importantly-price. With so many options available, you will be sure to find a cover that meets your specific concerns and needs. Are there any positives or negatives we missed? Which kind of tonneau cover is your favorite? We'd also love to see your Ranger fitted with your cover if you've already made your choice. Let us know about your build or concerns in the comments below!