Stock tires are never ideal for trucks, especially those who love taking their vehicle off-road! Stock highway-oriented tread patterns and small sizes just weren't designed to handle the rigors of frequent off-roading, and are better suited for the highway. That's why we have so many off-road tire options, ranging from 32" tires, 33" tires, 34" tires, 35" tires, 37" tires, 38" tires, to 40" tires. There's no shortage of tires at Stage 3 Motorsports and you will be able to find one specific for your needs. Our catalogue just got a little bigger with the new addition of Cooper Tires!

A camouflage Ford truck and a white Ford Truck equipped with Cooper Tires racing on a dirt, off-road path.

What types are out on the market?
Our new selection of Cooper tires include three types: Mud-Terrain, All-Terrain, and Hybrid-Terrain. Each type serves a different purpose and will make an excellent addition to your vehicle's wheel.

Why Mud-Terrain Tires?

If your sole desire is to take your truck or SUV through dirty, muddy paths, then your best bet and experience would be with mud-terrain tires. These tires generally feature attributes that are essential for frequent off-roading, like having aggressive tread, deep lugs and the ability to eject mud and stones from your tire. It is also imperative that the material is able to withstand sharp rocks that could puncture your tire and put a quick halt to your off-road journey. The aggressive patterned, big, blocky tread blocks of the Cooper Discoverer STT Pro Mud-Terrains can get your vehicle out of the most pressing of off-grid situations. The STT Pro Mud-Terrains' have the ability to air down and then its tough material can tackle sharp obstacles with ease. The Cooper Evolution M/T Mud-Terrains also have no trouble with intensive dirt trails! In order to climb over mighty obstacles, its Trail Grip Sidewall grabs onto rocks and provides protection from rubbing. Mud Slingers also keep your treads from getting dirty and clogged, so you can have a better grip while driving through the mud.

Two angles of the Cooper Evolution M/T Mud-Terrain Tire and Discoverer STT Pro Mud-Terrain Tire.

Why All-Terrain Tires?

If you want a tire with more of a balance for both off-road and highway purposes, then you need an all-terrain tire. The all-terrain tires are way tougher than highway tires, but you still must be ready to sacrifice some comfort and paved-road traction compared to stock. Typically a multifaceted tread block adds much need traction on off-road trails. The tightly-packed tread pattern on Cooper's AT3 LTs and the AT3 4S P-rated tires operate smoothly on pavement, but still can hold its own when pushing off-road traction to aggressive levels. The Cooper Discoverer AT3 All-Terrains can do mostly everything and still be used as a day-to-day tire. The AT3 XLT even performs excellently on both dry and wet roads, making it perfect for all weather conditions. On moist ground, the tire can stop at least ten feet shorter on average. It also uses Even Wear Arc Technology to balances tire pressure; this ensures the tire's shape is optimal for even on-road tread wear and better handling.

Two angles of the Cooper Discoverer AT3 All-Terrain Tire.

Why Hybrid-Terrain Tires?

If you can't decide if the all-terrain or mud-terrain tire better fits your driving profile, then you might be interested in Cooper's hybrid-terrain tires instead. Hybrid-terrain truck tires offer a close on-road ride quality of an All-Terrain with the off-road traction and grip of a Mud-Terrain. Cooper Discoverer S/T MAXX Hybrid-Terrains offer so much versatility with a perfect balance of on-road ride quality and off-road traction performance. With a tightly-packed inner tread and large shoulder lugs, all parts of the tire work together to bridge the gap between Cooper's All-Terrains and Mud-Terrains. The S/T MAXX contact area where the tire kisses the road is optimized by a Hybrid 4-5 Ribe Design! This is essential for even on-road tread wear, better handling and less noise when blowing across the asphalt. Off-road, you can trust the Stone Ejector Ribs to protect your tire's carcass from punctures, keep the tread cleaner, and provide better traction.

Two angles of the Cooper Discoverer S/T MAXX Hybrid-Terrain Tire.

A Versatile Upgrade for your Truck
No matter if you want a tire better suited for the highway, dirt or both, you can find it all from our new Cooper Tires choices. With varying sizes and configurations, you'll love all the options available.

Four Cooper All-Terrain, Mud-Terrain and Hybrid-Terrain Tires lined in a row.

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