A few months ago, we here at Stage 3 and the folks over at 5-Star tuning came up with a light-weight version of our classic Loyalty Tunes program that offered free retunes for six months with the purchase of a 5-Star custom tune or package. That program spent the off season bulking up and getting crazy and both ourselves here at Stage 3 Motorsports and the good people over at 5-Star tuning are pleased to announce that we are now offering a full-blown Lifetime Tunes program for the F150s where you can get free retunes for life on your powerful 2004 to 2014 F150 on 5-Star custom tunes and parts purchased from Stage 3. So, if you want to custom tune your bone stock truck, but don't want to pay for a retune when you throw on a bunch of parts down the line, a Stage 3 tuner or tuning package with 5-Star's custom tunes is now your best bet on the market.

Stage 3 & 5-Star's Lifetime Tunes Program

5-Star's powerful custom tunes add tremendous amounts of horsepower and torque onto your truck by adjusting the computer files of your F150's Powertrain Control Module (PCM). 5-Star's performance tunes come preloaded on either an SCT X-Calibrator handheld tuner or a Livewire tuner and vehicle monitor. Either device quickly and easily uploads your choice of 5-Star custom tune to your truck's computer in only a few minutes. The files included in each of 5-Star's F150 custom tunes alter key aspects of your engine's function to give your truck huge gains in horsepower and torque. 5-Star can tune for nearly any bolt-on performance or performance parts package in our extensive inventory of hardware for the F150s, getting you even better performance than the performance parts on their own. Currently, the only items out of bounds are supercharger systems for the V8-powered trucks, but our friends over at 5-Star are working on getting a few systems in on their dyno for testing and familiarization.

Stage 3's Lifetime Tunes Program

So, how our Lifetime tunes program works is pretty simple. When you buy a tuner with a 5-Star custom tune, one of our performance packages that includes 5-Star custom tuning, or a standalone 5-Star custom tune for an SCT device that you already have, you're automatically enrolled in our 5-Star Lifetime Tunes Program. For example, you buy one of our 2011 to 2013 F150 EcoBoost Phase 3 Performance packages. It comes with custom tuning from 5-Star, and gets you pretty awesome gains. A few months down the road, you decide that you need even better performance, so you grab a set of Stainless Works Catted Downpipes. A new custom tune is required for the downpipes, but because you bought your Phase 3 kit from Stage 3, that retune is free. If you even more parts down the line, 5-Star will tune for those as well at no additional cost.

Our 5-Star Tuning Lifetime Tunes program applies to all 2004 to 2014 F150s, including SVT Raptors and F150 EcoBoosts and any parts for your truck outside of supercharger or nitrous systems. 2011 to 2012 F150 EcoBoosts will have to follow our revised tuning procedures due to Ford's TSB to address the condensation issue. Our "Free Tunes for Life" Lifetime Tunes Program only applies to you and a specific vehicle. Tunes purchased for another vehicle that you own do not qualify, nor would someone else trying to get free tunes for a truck you've sold to them. Our program only applies to parts and tunes purchased from Stage 3 Motorsports.

There is one small bit of fine print that we need to add here. Ford dealerships have the bad habit reflashing the PCMs of F150s to install new updates when its in their clutches for anything from an oil change to engine rebuild. Updated software is good, but these dealer updates do two very bad things: first off, they wipe whatever custom tune is present on your truck's PCM. Secondly, (and more importantly) dealer updates change your PCM's "Strategy Code" which renders any custom tune that you may have completely inoperable. Your PCM's Strategy Code is one of the most important parts of a custom tune, and having the incorrect Strategy Code built into a tune will cause your custom tune to not even work at all. What's worse, a change in Strategy means that the folks over at 5-Star need to rewrite your custom tunes to match your truck's new Strategy code after a dealer reflash. What this all boils down to is that our Lifetime Tunes Program will not be available for these situations and we and 5-Star will charge a $20 fee for retunes due to dealer updates that result that alter the Strategy Code. So, to avoid losing your hard-earned Andrew Jacksons, make sure to tell your dealership that you do not want any PCM updates or reflashes if/when you need to bring your truck in for service.



Date 2/3/2014

I have a 2 inch level and 35s on my ecoboost. I did not see anything pertaining to be able to reprogram computer to account for the larger tires. ie, I want the computer to calculate speedo, as well as mpg correctly. Can a tuner perform this function? Thanks


Date 2/3/2014

Tire and wheel size can be adjusted by any of SCT's tuners, though you will need to convert your new wheel and tire size into "Revs per mile" in order to get proper speedometer readings. Call us directly at 1-877-578-2433 for more information.

Jeremy Moon

Date 2/18/2014

Hi there. I purchased a SCT tuner from you guys in the summer for my 2012 6.2 l raptor and sadly I had to sell it. I traded it to a dealer so the tuner Wasn't part of the deal. Just wanted to know if I sold the tuner if someone Could use it on another raptor or other with a downloaded tune from you And what a new tune would cost. Thanks


Date 2/18/2014

Jeremy, it all really depends on whether you returned the truck to stock before you sold it. The tuner gets "married" to a vehicle when a tune is uploaded to its PCM. It only becomes "unmarried" once the vehicle has been returned to stock by that same tuner. So, if the truck was "unmarried" from the tuner, then yes, the tuner can be sold to someone else and they'd just have to buy tuning. If the tuner wasn't "unmarried", then you'd have to contact SCT directly and they'll be able to do it manually for something like $150. Then you'd have to sell it to someone who would need to get tuning. It's an unfortunate situation, but it's the only way SCT can keep people from selling one tuner for use on multiple vehicles. :/


Date 3/4/2014

Is 5-Star able to provide me with a custom tune for my 2013 F-150 5.0 with existing components not purchased from Stage3/5-Star (Roush off-road exhaust, Roush CAI, and Airaid throttle body spacer)?

Patrick Sullivan

Date 4/8/2014

I am very interested in the live wire for my 05 FX4 f150 with a 5.4 and 4wd. Can you make custom tunes if I have a BBK 80 mm throttle body, electric fans, cold air intake, MBRP cat back exhaust and Troyer performance underdrive pulley on the crank and waterpump.

Garrett Weed

Date 4/8/2014

Hey I bought the sct livewire ts 5015 and the afe cold air intake stage 2 dual filter. I'm just wondering how to go about getting tunes from you guys being I bought the tuner elsewhere.

Cedrick bourque

Date 4/23/2015

I just purchased the Wagner intercooler and I need to see how I can get a updated tune for it, as I purchased the sct x4 recently and need a updated tune to include the intercooler

Chuck Warner

Date 7/9/2016

Does your custom tune system eliminate the need for a performance chip? I'm also looking to get the most from my ecoboost when towing a travel trailer.

Scott Quick

Date 8/11/2016

I just bought a 2012 F150 4x4 3.7L and have 275/70/R18 wheels and tires on it. I'm looking to SAVE my MPG. When the new wheels went on my MPG went down to 13. How much will the eco 87 tune help me? Also Can you adjust for when I enable the tow mod button to give me 87 tow performance with out having to reload a new flash?

Bob C

Date 7/13/2018

Bought a Livewire TS+ for my 2013 Ecoboost, now I've traded the Ecoboost for a 2016 6.7 Diesel F250.. Can I get pre-packaged tunes for the new truck? My Livewire is unmarried.

Waldo Parravicini

Date 9/20/2018

I have a 2012 Roush Stage 2 F150 4x4 with a 5.0 and 35” tires. It runs strong but it shifts hard and the stupid speed limiter is set at 95mph. Can your tune wake it up, shift better, and raise the speed limiter? Thanks in advance.

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