There are so many brands and styles of off-road lights for the 2019-2020 Ford Ranger, so it can be a little overwhelming when trying to find the right one for you. Before you make a decision, you must consider ZROADZ' LED Lights to illuminate your off-road trails due to their convenience and specification. The ZROADZ packages include off-road legal only LED lighting and bracket mounts for the Ranger's hood hinge and rear bumper! The hood hinge kit uses two ZROADZ 3" LED Pod Lights for excellent auxiliary lighting. With a flood beam, 1,712 lumens, 20 watts and CREE 5W LED Chips, the lights will ensure you have a wide field of view on your next off-road excursion. The mild steel pods bolt into place using the factory hood attachment point of the Ranger. With the rear bumper kit, two ZROADZ 6" Straight Single Row Slim LED Light Bars fit low and provide great rear illumination. The bar's combo beam, 2,921 lumens, 30 watts and CREE 5W LED Chips provide great back up lights or scene lighting. Like the pods, the bar is made out of mild steel and bolts on to factory bolt mounting locations. You can also get the brackets in a package that does not include the lights if you desire to use a different light than what is included. No matter which kit you pick, you'll love how easy driving on treacherous trails is with ZROADZ pods and bars!
2019-2020 Ford Ranger ZROADZ LED Lights & Mounting Brackets!

ZROADZ LED Lights & Mounting Brackets!

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