Chances are when you first looked at the front end of the stock 2019 Ford Ranger, you knew the front bumper was just not going to cut it due to its plain look. Off-road enthusiasts especially knew that the midsize truck's stock bumper didn't do it any favors out on the trail. Its approach angles just weren't going to cut it. That's why all of us at Stage 3 Motorsports recommend that you add a new front bumper, among other things. A great new option is the black powder coated Warn Accent Front Bumper, previously available for the F-150, but now specifically crafted to fit the Ranger's front end. The bumper excels off-road due to its tough 11-gauge steel construction and how it maximizes approach angles. With a high and tight fit, you have the opportunity to fit on oversized off-road wheels and tires. No off-road bumper is complete without winch compatibility! The Ascent can be equipped with a Warn mid-frame (footdown) winch up to 12,000 lbs to perform off-road recoveries in sticky situations! Welded steel recovery points for D-ring shackles (not included) are also placed on the bumper. Cutouts for lights additionally allow for appropriate lighting to avoid obstacles when blazing down dirt trails. With so much functionality and a unique look, the Ascent Front Bumper protects your coveted assets.
2019 Ford Ranger Warn Front Bumper!

2019 Ford Ranger Warn Front Bumper