The 2019 Ford Ranger was a triumphant return to Ford's midsize truck market, and many of us were impressed with its capability. However, all of us in the aftermarket community know that the truck has a couple of limitations and shortcomings. One of the biggest disappointments for off-road enthusiasts is the stock wheels, which just look plain and aren't tough enough to excel in the dirt. Since the truck has been out for almost a year now, there are thankfully tons of options on the market. We are especially excited for ICON's Compression Wheel, already available for the F-150, now being on sale for the Ranger. Like other ICON wheels, this rugged wheel's dimensions have been strategically designed to minimize scrub radius, improve handling, and better ride quality. No matter if you're an off-road warrior or street rider, this wheel will meet your specific needs. With its 25mm offset and 5.75" backspace, the 17x8.5" wheel impresses with its classic style and tough aluminum construction. Its strong build allows for a 2,750lbs load rating, better than many competing choices on the market. The wheel offers three color options: bronze, satin black, and titanium. If you don't already have an aftermarket wheel, or you aren't impressed with your current selection, make an iconic change today and order a Compression Wheel today.
2019 Ford Ranger ICON Compression Wheels!

2019 Ford Ranger Icon Compression Wheels