If you install a raptor-style grille on your 2019 Ford Ranger, then you probably want some lights to match it. We already have some nice raptor-style grilles available on our website, but now we have a 3 LED Light Kit from Custom Auto Works to install behind it. The 2019 Ranger Custom Auto Works Raptor Style 3 LED Grille Light Kit fits behind raptor-style grilles only. Like Custom Auto Works' other great products, these lights install quickly and are 100% plug and play inside your Ranger's grille! It can bolt on directly, so permanent modifications are not necessary during installation! The three amber LEDs will pop behind your grille when racing down the road! Take the next step and make your Ranger even closer to looking like a legitimate Raptor! Call us for availability at 623-434-5277!
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Raptor Style Lights