When it comes to taking care of your 2011-2016 Super Duty keeping a close eye on your engine's vital functions is crucial. If you find yourself putting your truck to work a lot then a nice set of easy to read gauges may be just what the doctor ordered. Towing takes a lot of work for your truck. Which means keeping an eye on your pressures and temperatures is of the utmost importance. On top of gauges themselves, it is important to find the right pod to make them easily visible while you are going down the road. Here at Stage 3 we have a few options as far as gauges and pods. Let's check them out.

Aeroforce Interceptor Ford CNF Series Dual Gauge Kit

Banks iDash 1.8 Super Gauge for 2011-2016 Super Dutys

When it comes to gauges there are a lot of different options. One important thing that you want to make sure about is that you are not getting one that is going to crowd your driving space. Or, one that is so big it takes all of your attention away from the actual roadway. This Banks iDash 1.8 Super Gauge gives you all the monitoring capability of much larger devices in a gauge that can fit in standard 52mm (2-1/16") gauge pod. This makes it ultra compact but also usable. Each iDash 1.8 Super Gauge comes with an OBD-II cable, zip ties, and detailed instructions regarding its usage and capabilities. The iDash 1.8 was carefully designed to drop into 2-1/16" gauge housings (52mm), giving you near-endless options for mounting it in your vehicle of choice. The gauge has push-button controls on its face and has an intuitive menu system that makes it easy to set up the parameters you need and take advantage of the gauge's other functions. The iDash can display 2-5 values at any given time in easy-to-read lettering. Parameters can easily be changed on the fly so that you can monitor parameters critical to your vehicle's running condition. The gauge comes standard with an auto dimming feature, as well as a built-in RPM and shift light.

Banks iDash 1.8 Super Gauge

Aeroforce Interceptor Ford CNF Series Dual Gauge Kit For 2011-2016 F250 or F350s

Another good option that we have as far as gauges is the Aeroforce Interceptor Ford CNF Series Dual Gauge Kit. This is a pair of seriously innovative gauges for an extremely competitive price. While this pair of gauges gives the outward appearance of being a fairly basic digital gauge. The low-key exterior shields an incredibly complex gauge system that's perfect for any vehicle or application. The Interceptor Single Gauge kit comes with the gauges themselves as well as a complete OBD-II Y-splitter cable that pulls both information and power from your truck's PCM and wiring for both of the gauges in this kit. The Aeroforce Interceptor Dual Gauges can pull and display a huge amount of information about your vehicle's engine. There are also certain parameters can even be set to trigger the display at certain points to help alert you to issues with your motor before they become complete disasters. The Aeroforce Interceptors can even read, display, and clear DTCs which make them extremely handy for troubleshooting maintenance issues. The gauges even have analog inputs on its rear that can accept expandable sensors for parameters that your vehicle doesn't output through its OBD-II, making it easy to tailor the gauges to your application. The Aeroforce Interceptors also have performance estimations for your vehicle's 0-60, 1/8 mile, and 1/4 mile times to give you an idea of what your car or truck is capable of.

Aeroforce Interceptor Ford CNF Series Dual Gauge Kit For 2011-2016 F250 or F350s

2011-2016 Super Duty Pillar Pods

Once you get the right gauge or gauges you may notice it is difficult to find a spot to put them where they are not super distracting. Luckily we have a few options for that, the first is the 2011-2016 F250 & F350 Banks Power Black 1 Gauge Pillar Mount. This black mount is easily installed without having to worry about damaging or modifying the interior what so ever. It offers a clean and finished look that fits any 52mm (2-1/16in) diameter gauges like the two previously mentioned. The point of this is to be able to have all of the necessary wires and tubes to be cleanly routed so they do not clutter your interior. Although it comes to you black, this can be painted to match any interior you need it to. If you have the need for multiple gauge slots, Banks also has two and three gauge mounting options. One pro of this type of mount is that they are easily visible within your peripheral view while you are looking at the roadway. A con of this particular mounting style is that on occasion it can obstruct your view sometimes while you are going down the road.

2011-2016 F250 & F350 Banks Power Black 3 Gauge Pillar Mount

2011-2016 Super Duty Column Pods

If by chance you do not want or do not like the look of gauges on your trucks pillar, we also have the 2011-2016 F250 & F350 Auto Meter Steering Column Single Mounting Pod that sits right behind your steering wheel. It's designed in a way that won't obstruct your view of the road and is positioned at the optimal viewing angle for easy at-a-glance readings. This 2-1/16" steering column pod allows you to quickly read any critical information being displayed without becoming distracted from the road ahead. You'll be able to mount a single 2-1/16" gauge with this low-profile, ultra-dependable steering column pod. The kit includes everything you'll need to get the job done including all required mounting hardware. Auto Meter manufactures this Steering Column Mount out of heavy-duty RevoTech ABS plastic that can handle practically any climate without warping, cracking, or losing its color. The pod comes standard in a great-looking black OEM-like textured finish that can also be painted to match your truck's interior using ABS-safe paint and primer. The pro to this particular mounting style is that it puts all of your gauges at one location and offers a full view to the driver. The con with this particular mount is that in some applications your steering wheel can block your view of the gauges which means you may have to adjust yourself to see it sometimes.

2011-2016 F250 & F350 Auto Meter Steering Column Single Mounting Pod

When it comes to your truck's engine it is best not to guess. As previously stated, towing is hard work for your truck it may seem like it's taking it like a champ but in reality it takes a lot of power to get heavier loads up and rolling. If you are someone that tows often enough with your truck I would gently suggest at least two gauges. The reason for the suggestion is that way you can check your transmission and engine temp with a quick glance. Sure, if you got one you could see both by scrolling through the menu on the gauge itself. However, is it really that good of an idea to take your eyes off the road for that long? The answer is no. The reason for that is because when it comes to abruptly stopping heavy loads safely, every second counts.

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