Camping can be one of the most relaxing, fun trips that you can make. Especially in the gloomy days of Covid-19, escaping civilization to bask in the cool, mountain air and in isolation sounds very appealing. If you're rocking an off-road capable vehicle, there are numerous products to overhaul it into an overland warrior. When you browse through our overland upgrades, you can get plenty of inspiration of how to make your truck into a one-stop camping spot. You'll have everything needed for your next trip to be a blast with the addition of a rooftop or bed tent, vehicle awning, universal storage and a cooler!

Stage 3 Motorsports' white 2019 Ford Ranger and blue 2018 Ford F150 loaded up with rooftop tents out on a camping trip!

Rooftop & Bed Tents

The most important step when going out into the wilderness for the weekend is deciding where you're going to sleep. While lying in just a sleeping bag under the stars may sound appealing, this plan can go quickly backfire if a nighttime downpour occurs. The last thing you want to avoid is spending the night in your cramped cab, soaking wet and uncomfortable. Avoid this with a tent mounted to your vehicle, capable of getting breeze with its windows, but also able to zip up if the weather takes a turn for the worst. You can either pick a tent that can be placed into your truck bed or mounted onto your roof. A truck bed tent serves as a more economical, easy tent to set up. It provides elevation from the ground and the sides of your bed help shield you from winds. However, since the tent fits in your bed, you have to unload all gear first so you have room. Also, not all bed tents have bottoms, so particularity bad storms can fill your truck bed and your tent with water. The Rightline Gear Full-Size Truck Bed Tent gets the job done for your next camping trip. Water-resistant fabric and tape-sealed seams help your tent repel water, however it does use a bottomless design. A sky view vent also allows for you to enjoy the outside air but can zip up if it rains. With a sewn-in setup guide, color-coded poles, and heavy-duty straps and ties, getting the tent system up and running becomes an absolute breeze without damaging your truck's finish. If you want a more premium experience, we recommend the rooftop mounted variety. The Roam Vagabond Lite Slate Grey/Navy Blue Rooftop Tent (2 Person) is a great option. The tent's exterior 280g ripstop poly/cotton material and 1" thick curved aluminum frame helps repel water and keep you warm. A 3" thick density foam mattress ensures that you sleep like a baby. Lightweight PU-coated oxford polyester rainfly and a vinyl material are used for the sunroof and windows. A plasticized aluminum base keeps the bottom of your tent from being scratched or torn atop your rack. For a tougher top, consider the Overland Vehicle Systems Bushveld Hard Shell Rooftop Tent When not in use, a nitrogen gas charged 35.5" x 1" strut helps you conceal the tent in a one-piece aerodynamic shell. When deployed, your family of three will love the exterior premium 600D rip-stop polyester canvas body and one-piece 420D oxford rip stop cover for water repulsion. 120G environmental fadeless gaze breathable windows provide a nice barrier to keep out animals and insects but still feel the nice outside breeze. The tent also features a green rainfly above your tent to redirect water away from you. Marine grade stainless steel hardware also helps this tent function properly over time.

Of course, you need to mount the tent onto your vehicle before it can be used. From stock, the average pickup truck however doesn't come equipped with the means to mount a tent on the roof. That's why an aftermarket rack must be installed to properly hold your tent. While there are tons of vehicle specific racks to get your tent up and running, a universal one will do just fine. A universal, clamp-in bed rack kit serves as one of the most effective and easiest ways for mounting. We recommend the RCI Universal 12" Tall Bed Rack or a taller RCI Universal 18" Tall Bed Rack for your truck. It has served our trucks very well, and it can do the same for you. The low-profile RCI rack easily drops into the bed and has an adjustable width from 54" to 64" so it can fit a vast variety of pickup trucks. The rack uses slotted upper lateral crossbars, which makes mounting up a roof-top tent extremely easy, no matter the brand.

Closeup of a ROAM Vagabond Lite Blue/Gray Tent mounted to the roof of a vehicle!

Vehicle Awnings

While an overland tent is nice to hang out in during camping excursions, you probably don't want to spend all your time in the tent. While lounging out in open space is usually perfect, if you're not prepared, then you may not be able to do this comfortably. Your local weatherman has the same accuracy as Shaquille O'Neal shooting free throws, so don't be flabbergasted if the floodgates pour open unexpectedly. If you just connect one of our Vehicle Awnings to your roof rack, then you never have to worry about Mother Nature's wrath ruining your camping trip again. While all awnings provide protection from water and intense sunlight, the type of awning you select can make a difference on how much coverage and space you have. The Roam 8' W Slate Grey Rooftop Awning is a smart choice for any overland build. The 7' tall awning provides 8' feet wide of shade and cover. Its waterproof 280g ripstop poly/cotton fabric material will withstand the hottest and wettest of conditions. An aluminum frame, 1" extension rods and cast aluminum pivot joints will also help your awning withstand any abuse. The Roam Awning can mount to most roof racks or crossbars with the included hardware and brackets. Another nice product comes from our friends at ARB with their Touring Awning. This awning deploys in seconds and measures 98.4" W x 98.4" from your roof rack. The PU coated 300gsm poly/cotton rip stop canvas is secured by Velcro straps and attaches to adjustable telescopic legs. For convenience, an LED Light Strip inserts into the Awning Sleeve so your campsite can have light after dark. However, these awning do not provide as much space as other awnings do. For 118 square feet and 270-degrees of covered space, the Rhino Rack Batwing Awning (Left) provides plenty of incentives. Once fitted to your Rhino Rack or Thule roof rack, you'll be all ready to go. The rip-stop polycotton canvas is secured to foldable, adjustable, and lightweight legs. The legs feature a molded foot for peg fitment. A tie down point/strap, hinge knuckles, guy ropes and pegs also help secure the legs. One of the most complete awnings you can add is the Overland Vehicle Systems 270 Nomadic Awning w/ Zip In Wall (Driver's Side). This awning provides 270-degrees and 129 square feet of coverage, from one side of your truck to the rear so you have plenty of room to spread out and stay dry. The awning uses 600D poly cotton rip-stop cover to repel all water that hits your awning. Tie down points allow water to run off so the ground below your awning does not become a puddle. OVS' Nomadic Awning differs from typical awnings because of its self-supporting design; you don't have to mess with support poles because of reinforced oversized hinges and heavy-duty rafters. Three 8.5' pivoting aluminum support poles can be attached for extra support if the wind is too strong. If the weather is particularly bad, a 270 wall can zip in and extend a wall along your awning and keep you completely dry. This wall also provides great privacy if your campsite has other families staying at it.

Underside of an Overland Vehicle Systems Awning mounted to the roof of a vehicle!

Universal Storage Options

When you out into the woods, it never hurts to bring along containers to hold your precious cargo. Truck general storage can provide for so many different purposes for you to be completely prepared when your home isn't close by. Storage can either be added externally or internally based on your preference, or you may consider both. There are many universal vehicle external mounts on the market that allow you to attach tools, jerry cans and more useful items that you may need along the way. A nice choice would be the Rugged Ridge Spare Tire Tool Rack System. If the trail to the campsite seems a little rough, then you'll be glad that you have the necessary tools to get you out of danger mounted right on your truck. Featuring a powder coated steel plate, the three-grooved rack will hold a variety of tools you might need, like axes, shovels, picks, saws, and more. So you don't lose anything and to prevent rattling during your bumpy ride, retention straps keep the tools rigid against the plate. The plate has compatibility with numerous bolt circles and offsets, which makes this system almost universal for all vehicles with externally mounted spare tires. Many internal storage bags and cases can also be found on our site. A soft material option is the Rightline Gear Waterproof 120L Duffle Bag. This duffle bag provides a fully waterproof and sealed container for your goods. It features a tough polyester mesh and can fit 120 liters of packing space. Welded seams, a urethane coated zipper, and a velcro sealed zipper cover keep your gear dry if it rains. However, they can be more prone to tears because of their soft material, so sharper tools might work better in the next two boxes instead. The ROAM 160L Slate Rugged Storage Case uses a hard construction to withstand any abuse your tools might try to inflict. 160L of gear can be stored inside the LDPE shell exterior and steel hinges keep the lid snug. A lockable latch and tight gasket seal will keep anything out that doesn't belong. The box was built with an interlocking, stackable design so you can bring more boxes along and maximize space if you need to. Another hard material addition to your overland build would be a Overland Vehicle Systems Cargo Box w/ Sliding Drawer & Working Station. Lock up your valuables in this box to deter potential thieves or to keep children out of dangerous items. With a .075" thick stainless steel exterior and lock, no one is getting to your stuff unless you want them to! The sliding drawer and sliding top can each hold 132.28 lbs so you can bring along heavy items. A high-density polyethylene plastic also makes the sliding work station very tough. The station gives you a place to assemble or disassemble items and can even be used as a cutting board.

Closeup of an opened ROAM 160L Slate Rugged Storage Case!

Coolers & Portable Refrigerators

If you're going camping, chances are that you want to sit around a campfire at some point and crack open a cold one. The "cold" aspect is something that you really can't skate around, because we Americans sure love our beers ice cold. If your beverages are sitting in your vehicle roasting, that will make for a disappointing evening. That's why it's a no-brainer to easily drop a portable cooler into your vehicle's cab or bed. While all coolers serve the same purpose, depending on your budget, you can get a much different experience. Technological advances to refrigeration units will add much more convenience and capability, but more simple coolers will save you a pretty penny and get the job done. The Bulldog Winch 65 QT Sportsman Cooler provides an economical way for ice to last longer and for your perishables to stay cold. The ice chest's premium roto-molded design uses extra thick polyurethane foam insulated walls and thick rubber sealing gaskets to keep things frosty inside. A pressure release valve and drain plug lets you drain any ice that does eventually melt to keep weight down and so your items aren't swimming. Not much provides more value at a low cost. However, the ARB Classic Series II 63-Quart Fridge offers a huge array of technical advancements to improve reliability, versatility, convenience, and cooling power at a low power draw. It will maintain sub-freezing temperatures in 90° F heat without ice and with a lower power draw than a single headlamp! The 63 quart cooler features space for 90 12oz cans so you really can get the party going. It is powered by either solar panels or generators, allowing you to take the cooler wherever. With phone app compatibility, you can also turn the fridge on or off, adjust temperatures or presets, and display key information about your fridge. Even if you are across the campsite, you can know exactly what is going on with your fridge.

Closeup of an ARB Classic Series II 63 Quart Cooler!

Make Camping More Fun & Easier w/ Overland Upgrades!
Overland upgrades can make the difference between if your camping trip ends in disaster or becomes a triumphant success. With a tent, awning, storage containers, and coolers, you will be living high and mighty. Are you planning a camping trip and rocking any overland upgrades on your vehicle? We want to hear all about it in the comments below!

Rear of Stage 3 Motorsports' red 2014 F150 Tremor decked out with a rooftop tent and overland upgrades in Sedona, Arizona!

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