Stage 3 Motorsports Employee Rides - 2018 Toyota Tacoma TRD Staff Build

When did you start at Stage 3, how long have you been here?

I started August 2017. It will be 3 years this August.

Have you always been on the sales team?

I started as the Order Processor did that for about Year and a half, been on the Sales team since.

What is your past experience with vehicles? what have you owned or tinkered with?

Ive had 14 vehicles since the day I could drive, messed with all of them none were left stock.

Is the Tacoma your first truck? What made you choose the TRD option vs an SR?

No my 18 Tacoma is not my first truck Ive had a 94 GMC 2500, 11 Tacoma and a 16 Tundra. I went with the TRD Off-Road cause the trim was a lot nicer and it also came with Skid Plates and a Rear Locker more features.
Stage 3 Team Truck Check 2018 Toyota Tacoma TRD

It's your Daily so how much do you push it off-road or will you push it?

I have pushed this truck more then I should have especially when it was still stock. I like pushing it passed its limits.

What's your gas mileage like being your daily and with the upgrades?

On average right now 18 MPG on a good week.

What you made you choose a rolling Tonneau for your setup vs something like a hard folding tonneau cover?

I like the Roll up cause it doesn’t block my rear view easy to roll up and I still have full use of my bed without loosing any space. The price was just right as well.

2016-2020 Tacoma 5ft. Bed TruXedo TruXport Rolling Tonneau Cover

2016-2020 Tacoma TruXedo TruXport 5Ft Bed Rolling Tonneau Cover

We love the bed mat for our builds and trips, have you found the same value in it protecting your Tacoma bed?

Yes I love the bed mat for sure it keeps stuff from sliding and my bed is not getting all beat up from hauling stuff.

You opted for Rigid lighting in the fog lights and a bar behind the grille what made your select that combo, did you choose different lighting patterns for off-road specifically? fogs are street legal?

The light bar I went with the Flood/Spot combo for off roading purposes so I can have a wide and far beam at the same time in the desert at night. The Fog Lights I love when on the road or off roading super bright clean looking.

RIGID D-Series street legal SAE Pro Fog Light Kit

2016-2020 Tacoma RIGID D-Series street legal SAE Pro Fog Light Kit

Rigid Industries 28" E-Series Pro LED Light Bar

Rigid Industries 28 E-Series Pro LED Light Bar

We really enjoyed the Eibach Pro-Truck suspension on our 2017 F150 especially during our off-road trip in Utah, are they living up to the same standard on your Tacoma? for street? for dirt?

Yes they are, I am in love with this suspension, it is way better then the Spacer kit I had on before. This made the ride a lot smoother on and off-road. I have recommended this kit to a lot of Tacoma owners as well, on road smooth as butter off road they have performed even better especially when I think that it will be bumpy or hit hard in certain areas it just goes over very nicely.

Eibach Pro-Truck Stage 1 Lift System

2016-2020 Tacoma Eibach Pro-Truck Stage 1 Lift System

What's next for the truck?

I would like to get some floor mats, a different light bar for the grille and a rack for the bed so I can get a tent.
Stage 3 Team Truck Check 2018 Toyota Tacoma TRD

What's a trail you're excited to go drive on it with? Any trips planned?

So far my favorite trail has been the back way to Crown King and the Black Canyon Trail as well.
Stage 3's 2018 Tacoma TRD Project Truck