The Toyota 4Runner is an extremely versatile vehicle to say the least, which makes it fun to install performance products that allows you to get the most out of your ride. One of the most overlooked yet effective upgrades you can slap on to your Toyota 4Runner are a pair of high-quality side steps for both everyday and off-road use. Whether you're out and about running errands or you're out on a weekend off-road excursion, constantly exiting and entering your SUV can be a tiring task. Running boards are also helpful to protect your paint and rocker panels from flying road debris, and some of them can even be used as rock sliders for extreme outdoor adventurers. Here at stage 3, we're going to cover the best budget, best overall, and best off-road side steps for your 4Runner, so continue reading through this post to find the best side steps for your specific needs, or instead check out our entire selection of 2010-2022 4Runner Nerf bars & Side Steps.

Best Budget Side Steps for the 2010-2022 Toyota 4Runner

If you're looking to upgrade your 4Runner's appearance, style, and utility with a set of running boards, but you don't want to unload a ton of cash into your vehicle, there are plenty of "budget" side step options that will work great for just about any adventure you can think of. Go Rhino is a great example of this as they manufacture high-quality and affordable products for both daily drivers and extreme of-road enthusiasts. Go Rhino's RB10 Slim Line Running Boards are our top pick for the best affordable running boards on the market. Not only are these side steps a fraction of the price of other comparable options, they're built tough to withstand abrasions, impacts, and even corrosion to ensure consistent functionality for many years to come. Moreover, Go Rhino's RB10 Steps feature a wide and full length step area for entering and exiting your vehicle's cab easily and safely. Running boards like these are especially great when there are wet and icy road conditions, so you have a midway point between your 4Runner and the ground to make accidental slips and falls much more unlikely. Additionally, the wide design makes these side steps the ultimate paint protectors from flying stones, gravel, and other road debris that gets kicked up under your wheel during daily driving applications. The RB10's wide design doesn't take away from the low-profile appearance of these running boards. Go Rhino designed these boards to give your 4Runner the maximum amount of ground clearance when traversing tough and uneven terrain, as well as providing a sleek appearance to your aggressive 4Runner build. These running boards are offered with either a textured black powder-coating or a protective bed liner finish, but if budget and affordability is your number one decider, you're going to want to stick with the standard black power-coat finish as it still looks and performs great. Another solid pick for an affordable set of running boards is going to be the Go Rhino RB20 Slim Line Side Steps as they feature a full length, 5 1/2-inch step area and mounts high and tight against your vehicle to maximize ground clearance. What makes these steps unique is the durable steel construction that allows the RB20 to be used as both a step and rock slider, making this a serious bang-for-your-buck. The stamped steel design of the RB20's really stands out for a more rugged and aggressive off-road appearance. Go Rhino has been engineering and developing aftermarket automotive accessories for over four decades to provide impressive products at a fair price, so consider picking one up today to improve all of your everyday and off-road applications.

Best Off-Road Side Steps for the 2010-2022 Toyota 4Runner

If your an off-road enthusiast that needs a set of side steps that will get you through just about any terrain, you're going to want to check out the RCI Metalworks Heavy-Duty Rock Sliders. These bolt-on rock sliders/side steps will provide your 4Runner with uncompromising rocker panel protection even during the harshest driving conditions. There are multiple reasons of why we've selected these rock sliders as the best off-road option for the 2010-2022 4Runner, with one of them being the solid and durable construction of the units themselves. RCI Metalworks utilize a 2" main square tube for superior strength and protection compared to the standard 1.75" main tube on most other sliders. The 2" tubing paired with the Drawn Over Mandrel (DOM) tubing results in a Yield Strength of 72,900 PSI with an Ultimate Strength of 82,300 PSI. This makes the sliders capable of supporting the entire side of your vehicle when using a Hi-Lift Jack or sliding on rocks. Better yet, the slider's full-length 1/4" frame plate provides up to 15 mounting points on each side, and all the legs feature heavy-duty 1/4" gussets for improved functionality. What's more, you'll have the option to add a tread plate, choose between a satin black powder-coat or bare metal finish, and select your desired slider angle to fit your specific needs and applications. The top tread plate add-on available for these sliders provides additional protection from debris and makes entering and exiting your vehicle much safer. The 5-degree slider angle is recommended with the top tread plate as it makes for a much flatter stepping surface compared to the 20-degree slider angle. When it comes to finish, the heavy-duty black powder-coat finsih provides an exceptionally more durable finish while the bare metal offers a much more rugged appearance for your off-road machine. These true frame-mount sliders were also designed for a quick and easy bolt-on installation that can be completed with basic hand tools. Installation is made so simple as these sliders bolt directly to your 4Runner's existing mounting points with out the need for any drilling or permanent modifications. The RCI Metalworks Heavy-Duty Rock Sliders are truly the best option for your off-road warrior, so pick them up to provide proper protection to your 4Runner's frame before your next adventure.

Best Overall Side Steps for the 2010-2022 4Runner

If you're somebody who demands the best the of the best when it comes to upgrading your vehicle, you deserve a set of running boards that can do it all. With vehicle's becoming more modern day by day, a modern upgrade only makes sense for your 2010-2022 4Runner. The AMP Research Powerstep Electric Running Boards take side steps and rails to the next level as the retract and extend in just one second. These electric running boards automatically extend when you open your doors, and retract safely and out of sight when the doors close. The automatic retraction of these running boards is a unique feature that improves ground clearance, appearance, and aerodynamics. The Powerstep Running Boards come equipped with weatherproof, OEM-quality electric motors and wiring with weather-tight connectors that integrate with the LED light system for a next level upgrade to your vehicle. Incredibly durable, these boards can handle 600 pounds of distributed weight on each board, so you could easily utilize the boards as steps for placing heavy gear on any roof or cargo racks. Better yet, these running boards are completely maintenance-free as they contain self-lubricating bushings for consistent performance no matter the weather conditions. Once you've got these boards installed, you won't ever have to mess with them again thanks to the impressive construction and quality engineering of these Powersteps. AMP's Powerstep electric running boards were made from die-cast aluminum-alloy and Teflon coated combat the damaging affects of rust and corrosion. Likewise, die-cast linkage components are made from aircraft-quality aluminum will a military-spec finish for long-lasting durability that you'll be sure to love. Best of all, AMP believes in their products which is why they offer an impressive 5-Year/60,000 mile warranty to help keep your investment protected. With all of the bells and whistles, these running boards truly do speak for themselves, and are the perfect addition to give your legs and back a break from climbing in and out of your SUV.

Stop breaking your back constantly jumping in and out of your 4Runner by picking up a simple and effective upgrade that will make your daily drives and weekend adventures a whole lot easier. Running boards are designed to make life easier especially on vehicle's with lifted applications, so it only makes sense to pick one up that you know you can rely on. If you liked anything you saw in this post, are planning to purchase any running boards, or have any questions about the parts listed in this post, please feel free to let us know in the comment section down below!

Best Side Steps for the 2010-2022 Toyota 4Runner:

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