FOX's New HTO Shock Technology for the 2017-2024 Super Duty: Is It Worth It?
When it comes to elevating the overall performance of your 2017-2024 Ford Super Duty, FOX's new Hydraulic Top Out (HTO) shock technology is creating a buzz. These innovative shocks, available for both the front and rear of your truck's suspension along with options for various lift heights, promise a major upgrade for your truck. Designed to provide superior rebound damping control compared to other aftermarket options, the HTO shocks are engineered to reduce harsh top-outs and boost comfort, especially for trucks equipped with aggressive suspension setups or massive tires. But with all the features and promises, the question remains: Are FOX’s HTO shocks truly worth the investment? Join us as we dive into the details and help you decide if these shocks are the right fit for your Super Duty.

Understanding FOX's HTO Technology

FOX's Hydraulic Top Out (HTO) technology represents a significant advancement in shock absorber design, offering position-sensitive rebound damping control both on and off the pavement. The HTO system works by forcing shock oil through a secondary shim stack, which slows down the shock shaft speed and reduces harsh top-outs. This is particularly beneficial for trucks with larger, heavier tires or those with lifts beyond OEM specifications, as these setups often experience more aggressive suspension movements that standard shocks can't adequately control. In comparison to other aftermarket options, FOX's HTO shocks stand out due to their application-specific tuning and fully rebuildable design. This means they can be tailored to your specific needs and serviced over time to maintain peak performance. While there are other quality shocks available, few offer the combination of advanced technology, durability, and customization that FOX provides with their HTO line.

Different Options for Different Ride Heights

FOX's HTO shocks are designed to cater to a wide range of Super Duty setups, ensuring that every truck owner can find the perfect fit for their specific needs. The HTO shocks are available in several versions based on ride height: 0-1.5 inches, 2-3.5 inches, 4-6 inches, and 6-8 inches. This variety allows you to choose the ideal shock absorbers whether your truck remains close to stock height or has been significantly lifted. For trucks with a 0-1.5 inch lift, the HTO shocks provide enhanced damping and comfort without requiring major modifications. This is perfect for those who have made minor adjustments to their suspension or use their truck primarily for daily driving with occasional off-road excursions. The 2-3.5 inch lift option caters to more moderately lifted trucks, offering improved handling and control for a balance of on-road comfort and off-road capability. This setup is ideal for owners who frequently encounter rougher terrains but still need a smooth highway ride.

For those with a 4-6 inch lift, the HTO shocks deliver substantial support and performance enhancements, crucial for navigating challenging off-road conditions. Trucks with this level of lift often have larger tires and more aggressive suspension setups, making the advanced damping technology of the HTO shocks essential for maintaining stability and control. Lastly, the 6-8 inch lift option is designed for the most extreme applications. These shocks are tailored for heavily modified trucks that tackle the toughest trails and require maximum suspension performance. The superior rebound control and comfort provided by the HTO technology ensure that even the most lifted and rugged Super Duty trucks can handle anything the trail throws their way.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Who benefits the most from the HTO Shock technology?

Truck owners who frequently drive on rough terrain or who have upgraded to heavier, more aggressive tires will see the most significant improvements. The additional damping control provided by the HTO piston design, combined with the IFP, results in a more controlled and comfortable ride, even in demanding conditions. On the other hand, if your Super Duty is primarily used for light-duty tasks or highway driving with standard tires, the benefits of HTO technology may be less noticeable.

What is the benefit of the internal floating piston (IFP) in FOX's HTO shocks?

The IFP separates the shock oil from the high-pressure nitrogen gas, preventing cavitation and ensuring consistent damping performance. This leads to a more controlled and comfortable ride, especially in demanding conditions.

How easy is it to install FOX's HTO shocks?

FOX's HTO shocks feature a straightforward bolt-on installation, making them relatively easy to install without extensive modifications. This user-friendly design allows you to upgrade your Super Duty's suspension system with minimal hassle.

Are FOX's HTO shocks rebuildable and re-tunable?

Yes, FOX's HTO shocks are fully rebuildable and re-tunable, allowing for customization to your specific needs and maintenance over time to ensure peak performance.


FOX's HTO shock technology offers a significant upgrade for the 2017-2024 Ford Super Duty, providing superior rebound damping control and reducing harsh top-outs. With options for various lift heights and applications, these shocks are ideal for trucks with aggressive tire and suspension setups, ensuring enhanced performance and comfort on rough terrains. However, for daily commuters or those who only occasionally venture off-road, these advanced shocks may not be a necessary investment. For serious off-road enthusiasts and those looking to optimize their Super Duty's suspension system, FOX’s HTO shocks stand out as a top choice in the market.

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