Gone are the days where getting performance tunes require going back and forth from the truck to the computer over and over again with this new tuner and accessories from GDP Tuning. Utilizing cloud technology, you can improve your truck's performance in an instant rather than having to pull out the laptop or go to the store and purchase a micro-SD card. The EZ Lynk Auto Agent allows you to check vehicle diagnostics, increase performance, and monitor key systems all from a smart device. This tuner is completely reliant upon a free app that you can get through the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. There are also other accessories that make this process that much simpler like digital switches, throttle boosters, monitors, and shift-on-the-fly modules that we also have available for sale here at Stage 3 Motorsports.

2017-2019 F250 & F350 6.7L Diesel GDP EZ Lynk AutoAgent 2.0 With Auto Tuning
How the EZ Lynk Auto Agent works is, first you purchase the product and it gets shipped to your home like any other product. Second, when you receive your tuner you download the AutoAgent app through the Google Play Store or theApple App Store.After that your will connect your phone to a wifi signal that the tuner itself emits. This is the same process as connecting to free wifi at a coffee shop or any public place. Once connected you'll be assigned a specific GDP technician, the app itself will end up asking you some simple questions about your vehicle to get specific tuning information that will work directly with your truck. Soon after you will get a list of some different tunes that range from giving more horsepower to greater towing performance that are specific to your truck. To select a tune it is as simple as tapping your touch screen and then the EZ Lynk AutoAgent will do the rest. The product also comes with an OBD-II plugin, multiple attachment points, and a windshield mount for your device. If for some reason you do not want it to be your phone that is used for this, GDP Tuning came out with a monitor that will work directly with this device that runs off an Android platform so you do not have to be tempted to use your phone while going down the road. GDP also came out with accessories that allow you to change tunes on the fly while going down the road. Sometimes putting a tune into place takes some precious time while parked before you get going. The folks at GDP created a product to where, if you are going somewhere to pick up a trailer and you need to get there fast, you can have your performance tune to get there, then as soon as you hook up you can flip it to the towing tune in a snap. Just in case you do not want to mess with a whole lot of technology, GDP also created throttle boosters that help increase the responsiveness of your truck's throttle just by plugging into your vehicles pre-existing factory wiring. Another new product that GDP came out with is the N-Gauge tuner. This product has a somewhat similar process to the AutoAgent except it does not utilize your smart phone. The N-Gauge gets shipped to you as a blank slate similar to the AutoAgent with a little piece of paper that includes a login, password, and unique identifier. Then you use that information to log into a website where you will be prompted to give some information about your truck including VIN number and whatever modifications you may or may not have already. After this then tunes are generated, and then it becomes as simple as loading them onto the the SD card, and putting it in the N-Gauge back into your truck. This gauge can increase your truck's performance and allow you to monitor its vital functions on a screen that is easy to read and navigate.

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