The perfect Coilover Packages have finally arrived for the 2021-2022 Ford Bronco. ICON Vehicle Dynamics is excited to release their newest line of suspension packages that include everything you will need for a complete off-road capable suspension overhaul. The most basic packages are aimed to maximize performance and ride quality. Each subsequent package adds new features and parts to give you options based on your budget and need. All of the packages include a version of ICON's 2.5 VS Coilovers along with either ICON's Tubular or Billet UCAs. No matter what version you have of these baseline components, you will benefit from increased suspension travel from the coilovers and 90 degrees of total articulation from the Delta Joint Pro included featured in the UCAs. No matter what point you are at in your off-road build, upgrading your suspension with one of ICON's "staged" suspension systems will be a serious step forward in being able to tackle any terrain. Check out what makes each of these packages worth the investment.

2021-2022 Bronco ICON Stage 3-4 Suspension Systems

ICON's Stage 3 Suspension System and Stage 4 Suspension System are the most basic packages in their newest line. Each package includes a set of ICON VS Front and Rear Coilovers with a pair of UCAs. The main difference between the "stages" is the reservoir configuration with the coilovers. The Stage 3 System features Front and Rear coilovers with internal reservoirs, while the Stage 4 System features Front and Rear coilovers with a remote reservoir configuration. The internal reservoirs used with these coilovers provides a sufficient oil volume and heat dissipation surface area, but the remote reservoir configuration allows these features to be maximized for a complete resistance against any possible overheating and cavitation leading to a damper fade. This is especially important if you plan on putting these coilovers through some heavy off-road abuse. In both the Stage 3 and Stage 4 Systems, you have the choice between ICON's Tubular UCAs or Billet UCAs. The 1026 DOM tube construction with the black powder coat finish of the Tubular version works amazingly to provide the maximized travel and performance you were promised with ICON UCAs, but the Billet construction offers superior strength that the Tubular version cannot quite compete with. If you are able to afford the extra cost, going with the Billet version is absolutley worth it with the CNC machined 6061 billet aluminum construction with satin anodized finish and chromoly ball and shaft that has a bearing surface hardened to Rockwell C 55.

2021-2022 Bronco ICON Stage 5-6 Suspension Systems

To squeeze the most out of your suspension performance, the ICON Stage 5 Suspension System and Stage 6 Suspension System both include a pair of ICON's Tubular Rear Lower Links or Billet Rear Lower Links. If you really want to make a difference with your suspension performance, the factory rear lower links are just not going to cut it. ICON's rear lower links improve link angles to allow for smooth suspension travel without binding. Like the UCAs, the Tubular construction works great with its 1.75" x .313 wall DOM tubing that is CNC formed and fixture welded allowing for higher ground clearance in rock crawling situations. However, going with the more expensive and stronger Billet version allows for this same performance with the addition of on-vehicle adjustability and replaceable rock skids. The CNC machined 6061 aluminum construction of this version is much stronger with the same high clearance design allowing for reduced link contact with obstacles. All of ICON's rear lower links feature larger than average, heavy duty PTFE-lined FK rod ends that play a key role in maximizing the link angles and articulation. The maximized angularity is heavily influenced by the featured maintenance-free dual durometer bushings which also isolate the noise that you would get from weak factory units. Not only do these "stages" of ICON's suspension systems include rear lower links, but the 2.5 coilovers get an upgrade as well with ICON's Front Coilovers w/ CDCV and Rear Coilovers w/ CDCV with the exclusive CDCVs to really dial in your suspension components. CDCVs, or Compression Damping Control Valves, control the fluid flow under compression which allows for precise shock tuning no matter what terrain you are trekking. If you are looking to achieve the perfect tune on the street or off-road, then you have to go with these "stages" or higher to get that type of customized performance.

2021-2022 Bronco ICON Stage 7-8 Suspension Packages

The final "stages" of ICON's suspension system line are the ICON Stage 7 Suspension System and ICON Stage 8 Suspension System which are designed to give you a precise rear end alignment with the option of on-the-fly tuning technology. They include a pair of ICON's Tubular Rear Upper Links or Billet Rear Upper Links to supplement the rear lower links. These rear upper links are designed to give your fuel tank more ground clearance for when you are at maximum articulation. For the serious off-road trekkers tackling difficult obstacles, this is absolutely necessary in order to protect the fuel tank from potential damage. To round out the rear suspension, each of these "stages" include ICON's Adjustable Track Bar with dual-durometer greaseless bushings and FK rod end. This track bar provides on-vehicle adjustability to ensure you have the perfect rear axle alignment at your new 3-4" of adjustable lift height. The hallmark feature of the final Stage 8 Suspension System are the Front Coilovers w/ CDEV and Rear Coilovers w/ CDEV supported by the ICON Intelligent Control (IIC) Module. This technology lets you focus on driving while it intuitively makes adjustments based on your speed and the terrain ahead. The on-the-fly adjustments are made with the CDEVs, or Compression Damping Electronic Valves, located at each individual shock which control the fluid flow under compression and make automatic adjustments based on speed and terrain which allows for the most precise tuning to the situation at hand. There is no need for any driver input once you start using this technology, but you have the option of manipulating the adjustments manually on your phone using the IIC App if necessary. There are some situations that you will want to have your own input on the shock performance, but most of the time it is a pain to have to manually adjust your shocks when you are in the thick of it during an off-road excursion. Many times you have to settle for what the best middle ground performance is that will account for the changing terrain and speeds. With this system, you will always be operating at full tilt without ever having to think about it.

Required Accessories for Accommodating 37" Tires

The recommended tire fitment for these ICON Suspension Systems is 35", but with the extra lift you do have the capability of fitting 37" tires. With getting these monsters on your 2021-2022 Ford Bronco, you are going to need a few more accessories along with making a few more modifications in order to accommodate them properly. First off, you will need to remove your factory crash bars and replace them with the ICON High Clearance Crash Bar. Along with this, you will need to incorporate the ICON 1/2" C/O Bump Stop Spacers for your front bump stops and the ICON 3/8" C/O Bump Stop Spacers for your rear bump stops. Both of these accessories are necessary for freeing up space to maintain the bump stop and crash bar functionality which are important to your vehicle's safety as well as your own. Do not deprive yourself of 37" tires, but make the necessary modifications to run them properly. Along with these parts, you will likely need to do some additional trimming around the fenders.

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