If you own a truck, then you probably enjoy taking your beast on whatever off-road trails you can find. Just because a 2019 Ford Ranger is a midsize truck doesn't mean that it can't have fun off-road as well. While many components can be replaced with aftermarket parts to ensure a better ride on the trail, it is important to remember to fit a new bumper on your Ranger's front or rear. You need a bumper that can hold up against impacts, improve your approach angle, and add lots of lighting options. Look no further than a mighty front and rear bumper from our friends at RPG Off-Road! The Pre-Runner Front Bumper excels as an excellent off-road bumper with its tubular steel construction, winch inclusion and multiple lighting options. You can fit five Baja Designs LP6s on the push-bar, five XL80s or five KC Quad Flex's in the center section, and fog lights in the side panel if desired. Best of all, the bumper does not restrict your factory motion sensors or adaptive cruise control (after it is moved). In the rear, a Raceline Rear Bumper wraps around the Ranger's back for a clean, stream-lined look. For safety, you get mounts for the Ranger's back-up sensors to operate effectively. Cut-outs are included to add further lighting with some Baja Designs S2 Flush Lights. Little is more useful to off-roading than an aftermarket bumper. Check out our two new options here!
RPG Off-Road Bumpers!

2019 Ford Ranger RPG Front & Rear Bumpers