Before you Go: Are Grimm OffRoad Skid Plates Necessary for your 2015+ F150?
If you're gearing up for extreme overland adventures or considering testing out the off-road capabilities of your 2015+ Ford F150 or 2017-2020 Raptor, you might be curious as to whether you need the Grimm OffRoad skid plates. Skid plates can be crucial for protecting your vehicle's undercarriage from harsh off-road conditions, but their necessity largely depends on your driving habits. Keep reading to find out if the Grimm OffRoad Skid Plates are the right fit for your vehicle!

Understanding Skid Plates

Skid plates are protective panels installed underneath a vehicle, shielding crucial components like the engine, transmission, fuel tank, and transfer case from damage during off-road activities. They are especially valuable for vehicles driven in environments where rocks, logs, and rough terrain are common. By guarding against such hazards, skid plates prevent costly repairs and ensure that your adventures don't end in a tow. Grimm OffRoad offers a variety of skid plates designed specifically for these models, including engine, transmission, transfer case, and fuel tank skid plates. Each piece is crafted from durable 11-gauge steel, ensuring durable protection and a precise fit for your vehicle. This lineup provides comprehensive coverage, allowing drivers to confidently tackle challenging terrains without worrying about undercarriage damage.

2015+ F150 Grimm OffRoad Engine Skid Plates

For 2015-2022 F150s and 2017-2020 Raptors venturing into rough terrain, the Grimm OffRoad Engine Skid Plate Kit offers essential protection for the engine's undercarriage, specifically the steering rack and engine oil pan. Constructed from durable, 11-gauge steel with a two-stage semi-gloss black powder coat finish, these skid plates prevent damage from off-road hazards while integrating drain holes to avoid water pooling. The kit includes two pieces that are CNC formed and TIG welded for a perfect fit, providing a durable shield without the need for any cutting or drilling. This hassle-free, bolt-on kit, made in the USA and backed by a limited lifetime warranty, ensures your vehicle's critical components are protected under the toughest conditions.

2015+ F150 Grimm OffRoad Transmission & Transfer Case Skid Plates

For those who take their 2015-2023 F150s and 2017-2020 Raptors into tough off-road environments, the Grimm OffRoadTransmission Skid Plate and Transfer Case Skid Plate are vital for protecting key components. The transmission skid plate covers and shields the transmission oil pan, while the transfer case skid plate does the same for the transfer case, both critical areas that are susceptible to damage from both rocks and debris. Just like Grimm's engine skid, these plates are constructed from robust 11-gauge steel, designed to absorb impacts that could otherwise leave you stranded. These plates also feature a two-stage black semi-gloss powder coat finish that not only protects against corrosion but also ensures a sleek integration with your vehicle's undercarriage. Equipped with integrated drain holes to prevent water pooling, these skid plates provide a straightforward solution to enhance your truck's resilience. These skid plates offer reliable protection and peace of mind for the adventurous F150 or Raptor owner.

2015+ F150 Grimm OffRoad 36-Gallon Fuel Tank Skid Plates

The Grimm OffRoad 36-Gallon Fuel Tank Skid Plate also offer impressive protection for your F150 or Raptor. This heavy-duty plate specifically shields the OEM 36-gallon fuel tank from potential off-road hazards that could cause serious damage and jeopardize your adventure. Like its counterparts for the transmission and transfer case, this fuel tank skid plate is constructed from the same durable 11-gauge steel, ensuring consistent protection across all critical areas of your truck's undercarriage. If you're planning to gradually piece together skid plate protection for your vehicle, consider making the fuel tank skid your last investment. This approach allows you to prioritize other critical areas first, such as the engine and transmission, before securing the fuel tank. Of course, if you're ready for full underbody protection right away, the Grimm OffRoad Complete Skid Plate Package offers an all-in-one solution that covers all bases efficiently and effectively.

Customer Feedback: What F150 Enthusiasts are Saying

Customer testimonials play a crucial role in helping others make informed decisions, providing real-world insights into the performance and quality of products. One customer praised the Transmission Skid Plate, noting it as a "Great replacement for the lame soft felt transmission cover." They appreciated the extra hardware included, stating, "The kit came with more hardware than was needed, which is always nice. Definitely would recommend this product." This review underscores the product’s superior quality and ease of installation compared to standard offerings. Another buyer shared their satisfaction with the Drivetrain Skid Plate, emphasizing its seamless fit and hassle-free installation: "Fast shipping and packaged well. Fit and installation were according to the online instructions—no surprises or hiccups. This kit is stout!" Their experience highlights the reliability and straightforward installation process, making it a trusted choice for enhancing vehicle protection. For the Complete Skid Plate Package, a customer raved about the overall quality and efficiency: "Awesome product, delivery was fast, packaging was spot on, fit and finish of the product was perfect and very very easy to install." This feedback points to the comprehensive benefits of opting for the full package, from delivery to installation, ensuring total protection with minimal effort.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I install the Grimm Skid Plates myself?

Yes, the Grimm OffRoad skid plates are designed for easy installation. Check out the Grimm OffRoad's installation instructions for a step-by-step guide.

Are these skid plates suitable for all driving conditions?

While they're particularly beneficial for off-road and rough terrain driving, they also offer additional protection against everyday road debris.

Do the skid plates fit all F150 models?

The skid plates fit 2015-2022 F150 4WD models and 2017-2020 Raptors, but not PowerBoost models or trucks with certain modifications like +4" suspension lift kits or aftermarket bumpers with integrated skids.


Whether Grimm OffRoad skid plates are necessary for your F150 largely depends on your driving needs. For the off-road enthusiast, they offer indispensable protection that keeps your adventures safe and your truck intact. For the everyday driver, they provide peace of mind against unforeseen road hazards. Investing in these skid plates not only protects your vehicle but also enhances your confidence as you navigate all types of terrain. Remember, it's not just about adding equipment—it's about ensuring your vehicle is as resilient as your adventures demand.

Grimm OffRoad Skid Plates

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