Adding powerful off-road LED lighting to your 2015-2020 F150 is already expensive enough without having to shell out a bunch of your hard-earned cash on mounting solutions. The good news is that our friends over at Grimm OffRoad are here to help with their brand-spanking new 2015-2020 F150 & Raptor Hood Cowl A-Pillar Light Brackets. These brackets let you mount up a pair of compact 3" cube, 4" round, or other compact off-road LED lights high and tight near your F150's A-pillars. The versatility of Grimm's A-Pillar Light Mounts make them an excellent choice for practically any F150 build, including our very own 2020 F150 First Lite Hunting Truck build. But what off-road lights should you actually choose for these brackets, and just how tough are they?

2015-2020 F150 Grimm Offroad Hood Cowl A-Pillar Light Brackets

Grimm's F150 & Raptor Hood Cowl A-Pillar Light Mounts

Grimm's F150 & Raptor Hood Cowl Brackets install onto a pre-existing bolt location under the cowl, and place your choice of lights high and tight next to the A-pillar, giving your choice of LED lights a clear beam path over or to the side of your hood. Depending on your choice of lights, you can use the Grimm Cowl Brackets as either angled ditch lights or as potent forward spot lights to give you some extra visible range for high-speed trail runs. The brackets themselves are made out of heavy-duty, laser-cut steel with a semi-gloss, textured black powder coat finish that makes them resistant to corrosion while looking great. The brackets install without any drilling or other permanent modifications, making them a hassle-free upgrades for your awesome F150 or Raptor Build.

2015-2020 F150 & Raptor Grimm OffRoad Hood Cowl A-Pillar Light Brackets

What Lights Should you Choose with These Brackets?

The position of these brackets along the outside of the A-pillars makes these brackets great for angled ditch lighting, while their height over the hood also makes them perfectly capable of long-range forward spot lighting. You can't really go wrong with either methodology, though there are specific lights that you should probably go with for one task or another.

Ditch Light Options
If you're looking for some more side ditch lighting or angled outboard lighting, you're going to need off-road LED lights with a wide beam pattern so that you get visibility down the roadside or treeline in as broad an area as possible. Using the Grimm Brackets for ditch lighting is an especially good idea in areas with a lot of wildlife that may wander onto the road without much warning. Good options for ditch lighting include Rigid Dually Flood Lights, Rigid D2 Driving Lights, Rigid 4" 360 Driving Beam lights, Baja Designs Squadron Sport Wide/Cornering Lights, Baja Designs Squadron Pro Wide/Cornering Lights, Baja Designs LP4 Driving/Combo Lights, or KC HiLites Flex Era 3 Combo Beam lights.

KC Flex Era 3 as Ditch Light

Spot Light Options
If you're going to use the Grimm brackets for forward spot lighting, then you'll need off-road LED lights that produce a tight, long-range light beam that gives you and your truck the range you need to spot problems way down the trail. Spot lighting is en especially good idea if your F150 or Raptor is going to be doing high-speed trail runs after the sun goes down. Lights like the Rigid Dually Spot Lights, Rigid D2 Driving Lights, Rigid 360 4" LED Spot Beam Lights, Baja Designs Squadron Sport Spot Lights, Baja Designs Squadron Pro Spot Lights, or KC HiLites Era 3 Spot Beam Lights.

Rigid Industries 4in 360 Series Spot Beam Lights

The Grimm OffRoad A-Pillar Cowl Brackets have excellent levels of versatility, and you get a lot of different options for both light coverage and with the lights themselves. Which light and which light orientation would you choose for your own F150 or Raptor? let us know in the comments below!

Grimm Brackets & Lights:

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