Just Added: New BD Diesel Transmission Packages for the 2018-2020 F150
Have you ever felt the subtle anxiety of transmission issues lurking in the background as you're cruising in your 2018-2020 Ford F150? If you're nodding your head in agreement, you're certainly not alone. In today's blog, we'll be discussing the intricacies of F150 transmissions, spotlighting a common headache – the infamous CDF drum leak. However, we're not just here to address this issue. We're here to introduce a dynamic solution that will redefine your entire driving experience with the all-new BD Diesel Transmission Packages. These High-Performance Transmission Kits not only eliminate the familiar problems associated with the F150 transmissions, but offer improved performance and longevity for your custom truck build.

2018-2020 F150 BD Diesel Transmission Packages

It's no secret that the factory-installed transmission equipped on your 2018-2020 F150 is prone to leakage caused by the CDF drum. When the CDF drum develops a leak, the transmission fluid rapidly escapes from the drum's housing which leads to a ton costly hassles down the road. Fortunately, BD Diesel has the solution with their complete lineup of Transmission Packages for the 2018-2020 F150s. To start out, we'll be checking out the BD Diesel 4WD 3.5L Transmission Package; however, it is important to note that this is product is available for more than just one F150 configuration. You can find the transmission that's designed for your F150 model in the tagged products down below. The BD Diesel 10R80 RoadMaster Transmissions feature a redesigned CDF drum equipped with a unique retaining feature that prevents the sleeve failure commonly seen on OEM units. This ensures consistent operation of the transmission, avoiding issues like erratic shifting, overheating, leaks, and more. That's not all, the RoadMaster Transmissions also come standard with a modified valve body which increases line pressure by roughly 30%, helping further optimize the shifting performance of the system. This provides firmer engagement of the clutches, seamless transition between gears, and a reduced chance of gear slippage even when you're out pushing things to the limit.

The BD Diesel Transmission Packages don't just stop at improved performance either. Each 10R80 RoadMaster comes equipped with brand-new clutches and steels to ensure a high level of quality, reliability, and consistent performance each time you set off for adventure. You'll also benefit from the deep sump transmission oil pan equipped on each BD Diesel Transmission, providing 2 extra quarts of fluid capacity over the factory system to help regulate operating temperatures. Finally, an easy-to-reach drain plug allows for simple flushing of the fluid, making your maintenance processes a breeze. You'll even be able to add a temperature sensor to keep tabs on the transmission's performance if you so desire.

Product Name Price Key Features
BD Diesel 10R80 RoadMaster Transmission $3,495.00
  • Increases reliability on stock/slightly modified F150s
  • Revised CDF drum prevents sleeve failure
  • Provides smooth and quick shifts
  • Backed by a Limited Warranty

2018-2020 F150 BD Diesel Transmission & Torque Converter Packages

In true BD Diesel fashion, they present their premium RoadMaster transmission in two appealing options: as a standalone kit and as part of a comprehensive Transmission & Torque Converter Package. The BD Diesel 4WD 3.5L Transmission Package with Converter offers the same benefits of their premium transmission package with the added bonus of an included ProForce Torque Converter. This high-quality addition helps enhance the overall efficiency and power transfer from the engine to the transmission, resulting in an increase in torque for more reliable performance. This is especially beneficial for optimizing the efficiency and capability of your F150 during demanding driving conditions such as towing or off-roading. The Transmission and Torque Converter packages are perfect for those seeking enhanced durability and towing prowess for their vehicle.

The Included ProForce Torque Converter was specifically engineered to pair with the 10R80 RoadMaster Transmission, helping your truck's engine handle the torque more effectively over stock, and reducing the risk of any potential mechanical issues. Additionally, the ProForce Converter further enhances the transmission for more precise shifting, delivering a more comfortable ride and reduced wear on the transmission components. Best of all, the ProForce comes equipped with a new friction material, helping contribute to consistent performance and an optimal fit for preserving your F150s drivability, fuel efficiency, and power delivery.

Product Name Price Key Features
BD Diesel 10R80 RoadMaster Transmission & Torque Converter Package $3,995.00
  • ProForce Torque Converter equipped with new friction material
  • Eliminates shift delays due to factory CDF drum leaks
  • Brand new modified valve body improves line pressure
  • Includes new OEM clutches and steels

Final Thoughts

For those who have experienced the concerns associated with the F150 transmissions, we're happy to bring you a solution that not only addressees the common issues but goes above and beyond with its thoughtful innovations. These BD Diesel Transmission Kits eliminate the infamous CDF drum leak and elevate your driving experience to new heights in a simple and effective package. This premium solution promises smoother shifts, heightened towing capabilities, and optimized transmission performance to provide more relief for your daily driving applications. Check out the entire lineup of BD Diesel Transmission Conversion Packages to find the system that best fits your vehicle and its specific needs.


Q: Does the ProForce Torque Converter come pre-filled with transmission fluid, or is it filled during installation?

A: The ProForce Torque Converter is typically shipped dry and should be filled with transmission fluid during the installation process.

Q: How do these packages impact fuel efficiency in the F150?

A: While the package is primarily designed to enhance performance and reliability, improvements in fuel efficiency can result from the optimized shifting and reduced wear on transmission components.

Q: Do these BD Diesel packages require any performance tuning or calibration support after installation?

A: Yes. Ford scanner or equivalent is required to update the TCM with the new solenoid code and initiate a relearn - very critical component to make sure the transmission works properly.

Q: Are the packages backed by any Warranty?

A: Yes, BD Diesel backs the RoadMaster Transmission Packages with a 24-Month Limited Warranty on parts and a 12-Month/24,000 Mile Warranty on Labor, ensuring your investment is protected.

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