Before you Buy: Are Bora Wheel Spacers Worth It?
In the world of truck customization, the search for improved performance and upgraded aesthetics often leads enthusiasts down various rabbit holes to find the best aftermarket upgrades. If you've ever pondered the idea of adding wheel spacers to your rig, you're certainly not alone. Wheel spacers have become a popular choice among truck owners looking to enhance the stance and handling of their vehicles, causing a ton of questions and concerns to arise from the truck community. If you're contemplating whether Bora Wheel Spacers are the right addition for your F150, Bronco, or Super Duty, this article is your go-to guide. We'll break down what exactly wheel spacers are, highlight their advantages, shed some light on their drawbacks, and explore some noteworthy upgrades tailored for different trucks.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Wheel Spacers

A wheel spacer is a machined or manufactured piece of metal, typically aluminum or steel, that mounts on your truck's lug studs to push the wheel out and away from the hub. The wheel then installs directly to the spacer, bolting on directly to the truck to give it an aggressive and more commanding stance. The advantage of a wheel spacer system is their ability to give you a much wider stance without the need for running a wider wheel. For instance, a 20x12" wheel with a spacer will give same appeal as what a 14" wide wheel would, offering a cost-effective solution for those seeking to upgrade their truck's appearance without a ton of hassles. A wheel spacer can also be useful for those wanting to swap out bolt patterns, although these cases are rare. Spacers can be great in certain applications; however, you've probably already heard some of the nightmares associated with a spacer failure.

Improper installation stands out as a primary factor that leads to wheel spacer failure. Poorly fitted spacers can cause excess of vibrations and wobbling, affecting your truck's overall stability and ride comfort. If the wheel is not securely fastened, it can also cause the wheel to separate from the vehicle completely, posing a significant safety risk when you're driving at a high rate of speed. While these issues can certainly arise from faulty install, the build quality of your spacers matters even more. Wheel spacers are available from a variety of suppliers, with some being more expensive than others. In the world of spacers, you get what you pay for. Many of the lower cost spacers feature lower quality builds without a hub-centric ring, meaning the wheel will never truly sit centered on your truck. This puts a ton of stress and weight on the lug studs, causing them to inevitably fail down the road.

The Bora Difference

Here at Stage 3 Motorsports, we don't just sell any spacers we find. We only work with trusted and reliable brands like our friends over at Bora, providing you with a quality product you can be confident with. Bora's wheel spacers are made-to-order right here in the USA, all featuring a hub centric design along with high-quality lug studs so you can keep your wheels attached at all times. Bora also makes their wheel spacer adapters from high-quality, CNC-machined billet aluminum which is tough enough to handle just about any advenutre you have in mind. While you typically can't go wrong with Bora, not every application is the same – so keep reading to see if Bora Spacers are the right upgrade for your custom build.

2015-2023 F150 Bora Wheel Spacers

The 2015-2023 F150 is one of the most common platforms we see wheel spacers added to. The F150's versatile nature makes it prime candidate for customization, allowing for a seamless installation of Bora Wheel Spacers without a ton of hassles. Bora's 1.25" Wheel Spacers have gained a ton of popularity as they work to give your truck an enhanced stance without going overboard. This size provides a subtle extension that improves your truck's exterior appeal without causing any handling or clearance issues. Additionally, these spacers will accept stock or aftermarket stock replacement wheels, giving you more flexibility when upgrading your truck's stance. Bora's wheel spacers also come in various other sizes such as 1", 1.5", 1.75", and 2" so you can find the perfect fit for your custom build!

Bora wheel spacers have also garnered consistently positive feedback from satisfied customers, with one stating "Ordered the Bora 1.25 wheel spacers to bring my wheels out flush with the fenders. The fit & finish is perfect. Looks great!" This helps showcase the impeccable build quality and precision engineering of the spacers, giving you more peace of mind for upgrading your ride. Another customer attested: "Looks perfect with the stock 22 wheels, no need to shave studs or any modifications needed as the OEM wheels have pockets on the back for the little bit that sticks out. Good quality and fits driving issues or shaking of steering as some other spacers do. A+" This further reaffirms the reliability and user-friendly nature of Bora Wheels. Bora wheel spacers are one of the best choices for those seeking a reliable modification and smooth driving experience.

Product Name Price Features Rating
BORA 6x135mm 1.25" Wheel Spacers (Set of Four) $275
  • Complete set of four 1.25" wheel spacers
  • Pushes wheels out for an aggressive look
  • Billet aluminum construction
  • High-strength steel studs
5 Stars

2021-2023 Bronco Bora Wheel Spacers

The 2021-2023 Bronco also makes for a solid foundation for adding on a set of Bora wheel spacers. Specifically, the Bora 1.00" Wheel Spacers make for a good choice because they provide a wider and more aggressive track for your ride without compromising any off-road performance. The spacers are built to handle just about any application you have in mind, making them perfect for the Bronco that needs some extra room between its body and tires. The spacers also feature a 93.1 hub and wheel centric design that ensures a secure fit all while keeping noise, vibrations, and harshness at a minimum. Better yet, the kit comes equipped with 4 total spacers so you can easily upgrade your Bronco on all four corners.

Customer reviews continue to outline the importance of these premium upgrades, and adding a set of Bora wheel spacers proves to be a game-changer. As one customer put it, "Bora 1” Bronco spacers are an absolute perfect fit. This is how Ford should be shipping them from the factory. 1” spacers put just the bulge of the tire past the plastic wheel flare for that perfect look. Very well made with zero issues and a direct bolt on." It's reassuring to know that fellow Bronco enthusiasts appreciate the impact these upgrades make, so pick up a set for yourself to elevate the style of your ride in practically no time at all.

Product Name Price Features Rating
BORA 6x139.7mm 1.00" Wheel Spacers (Set of Four) $253
  • Complete set of four 1.00" wheel spacers
  • Provide clearance for suspension modifications
  • Billet aluminum construction
  • Comes complete with hardware
5 Stars

2017-2023 Super Duty Bora Wheel Spacers

When it comes to a truck like the 2017-2023 F250/F350, the story is a bit different. Super Dutys are extremely heavy trucks designed for hauling heavy loads, and often have specific weight distribution considerations for optimal performance. Introducing a set of wheel spacers to your ride can disrupt this balance, impacting your truck's stability, comfort and safety. If you're using your Super Duty for high-performance applications such as towing or off-roading, a wheel spacer may increase stress on various suspension and steering components, potentially leading to premature wear or failure. While Super Duty spacers are certainly not out of the question, we recommend giving us a call at (623-434-5277) and talking to one of our service representatives to see if they're the right fit for your specific build.

Final Thoughts

While wheel spacers can greatly impact the visual appeal of your ride, they're certainly not for everybody. As you continue to navigate the realm of truck modifications, let informed decisions, backed by real-world examples, guide you towards the perfect balance of both performance and style.

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