Before you Buy: The Best Overland Upgrades for your 2019+ Ford Ranger
For the modern adventurer or weekend warrior looking to conquer untamed trails, you'll need more than just a reliable vehicle to enjoy the thrill of off-road exploration. Transforming your 2019+ Ranger into a versatile overland machine will require some serious effort, but the payoff of challenging new terrain is well worth it. In this guide, we'll dive into the world of overland upgrades, checking out the benefits of key enhancements such as Roof Racks, Bumpers, Off-Road Light Mounts, Recovery Gear, All-Terrain Tires and more. Notably, we won't be discussing suspension upgrades in this article; however, if you're looking to lift your Ford Ranger, be sure to check out our post that covers all-things suspension. This way, you can customize your off-road experience to the fullest extent for a truly one-of-a-kind 2019+ Ford Ranger overland build.

2019+ Ford Ranger Roof & Bed Racks

In order to add a ton of exterior accessories to your 2019+ Ford Ranger, you're going to need a solid foundation that allows you enhance both the aesthetic appeal and overall functionality of your ride. That's exactly where a Roof Rack or Bed Rack system comes to play as it gives you some more space for storage, along with plenty of mounting points for installing lights, roof-top tents, hi-lift jacks and more. In our catalog, we carrying everything from complete cargo trays and baskets to simple 2-Bar systems to ensure you can acheive the perfect balance of cargo-carrying capabilities and utility for your particular demands. The first rack system that comes to mind is the Rhino Rack Backbone System which includes an entire platform to handle all types of cargo while giving you plenty of options for tying gear down. The platform features a durable, yet lightweight construction which makes it tough enough to survive just about any adventure you have in mind. This system also makes the perfect base for installing some premium Off-Road Light Mounts such as a new light bar or cube lights so you can enjoy your favorite trails any time of day.

If you're looking for something more bold, consider the RCI 12" Aluminum Adjustable Bed Rack as it gives you plenty of space to mount-up camping gear or a premium tent system. The RCI Bed Rack turns your truck's 5-foot bed into an expedition-ready cargo system in practically no time at all, helping you tailor each adventure to your liking. Additionally, the rack is made from lightweight, yet durable aluminum which provides plenty of durability even when you're out pushing things to the limit. The two side plates come equipped with pre-drilled holes that allow you to easily attach fire extinguishers, CO2 bottles, traction aids, and just about anything else you'll need for your off-road excursions. The RCI rack can also be fitted with a secondary lateral bar, providing more strength for heavy loads while accommodating the demands of a roof-top tent system.
Product Name Price Features Rating
2019-2023 Ford Ranger RCI 12" Aluminum Adjustable Bed Rack $1150
  • Universal mounts accept a ton of accessories
  • Bolt-on or clamp-on installation
  • Heavy-duty and low-profile
  • Made in the USA
5 Stars

2019+ Ford Ranger Off-Road Bumpers

An aftermarket 2019+ Ford Ranger Bumper can provide a plethora of benefits including a bold exterior styling upgrade, an extra layer of protection, or the perfect mounting solution for adding on a winch or light bar system. No overland build is truly complete without some sort of upgraded bumper as it can save you from a ton of potential headaches when you head well off the beaten path. When you find yourself faced with challenging terrain, the right bumper setup will keep you protected from flying rocks, low-hanging branches, and any other obstacles that stand in your way. For total protection of your truck's front-end, a brush guard like the Sportsman Grille Guard ensures your grille, headlights, and factory bumper remain shielded from scratches and dings caused by off-road hazards. Not only will this grille guard beef up your truck's exterior, it will provide an aggressive and unique look that will be sure to set it apart from the rest of the pack.

If you want to strike fear into the hearts of your trail rivals, look no further than the Rough Country Heavy-Duty Front LED Bumper. This all-steel bumper replaces your factory unit to give you more confidence when you're tackling tough terrain head-on. The bumper even comes equipped with an integrated 20" Black Series Dual Row LED light bar along with four 2" Black Series Cube Lights, allowing you to better command the night sky to ensure maximum visibility even in the darkest environments. This adds an extra layer of safety during your nighttime trail runs, giving you more peace of mind after the sun goes down. Be sure to pair your new aftermarket front bumper with a premium Rear Bumper that's capable of taking a few punches when you're out on the trail. Many of our rear bumpers come equipped with steel tow hooks and provisions for lighting so you can help pull your buddies out of sticky situations no matter the situation.
Product Name Price Features Rating
2019-2023 Ford Ranger Rough Country Heavy-Duty Front LED Bumper $799.95
  • Durable powder coated, flat black steel
  • Retains factory tow hooks
  • Includes four 2" LED cubes
  • 20" Black Series Dual Row LED Bar
5 Stars

2019+ Ford Ranger Overland Upgrades and Recovery Gear

Now that you've added on some premium exterior upgrades like a new roof rack system, a premium front bumper and some awesome lighting accessories to your ride, it's time for the fun to start. Our inventory of 2019+ Ranger Overland Upgrades will make you ready for an extended camping tip or overland journey. We carry an abundance of storage containers, flashlights, coolers, air mattresses, first aid kits, compressors, truck tents and more to equip you with the necessary tools when you head off grid. One of our favorite accessories is the ROAM 6.5x8 Forest/Orange Standard Awning Room as it gives you a great space to remain protected from a hot summer day or a brutal rain storm when you make it to your destination. The awning room is extremely easy to set up and break down, and evens doubles as a tent if you need a place to sleep after a long day of adventuring.

If you're after a more practical sleeping solution that will be perfect for any time of year, the Freespirit Recreation High Country Edition 55" Gray/Black Rooftop Tent will be your best friend. The tent installs directly on top of most roof rack systems, and gives you more breathing room compared to other standard rooftop tents on the market. The tent can easily accommodate 3 individuals, and despite its size, it sets up in minutes without a ton of hassles. The tent's built-in 3" memory foam mattress provides a comfortable resting area in practically any condition. Once you've figured out your sleeping quarters, you'll probably want to be prepared for any potential issues that occur when you're braving the outdoors. This is where our catalog of Recovery Gear comes to play. We offer a ton of winches, tow straps, D-rings, traction aids, off-road jacks and more to ensure you and your Ranger make it home in one piece.
Product Name Price Features Rating
Freespirit Recreation High Country Edition 55" Gray/Black Rooftop Tent $2395
  • Mountable on top of your vehicle
  • Offers a panoramic view of your campsite
  • Sets up and closes in under a minute
  • Withstands heavy winds & repels rainwater
5 Stars

2019+ Ford Ranger Wheels and Tires

The final step of transforming your Ranger into a formidable off-road beast comes with upgrading the factory tire and wheel combination equipped on your ride. The right 2019+ Ranger Wheel and Tire setup will provide you with more traction, durability and the necessary ground clearance to navigate various off-road terrain with ease. A wheel like the ICON Six Speed Satin Black Wheel features a unique and aggressive design that is built for off-road performance. The wheel's dimensions have been engineered to minimize scrub radius while improving handling and ride quality, making this ideal for various off-road applications. Constructed from durable aluminum alloy, the ICON Six Speed is built to get you through the toughest terrain without adding on a ton of extra weight.

Finally, the tire you choose needs to provide rugged and dependable all-terrain performance each time you get behind the wheel. The first one that comes to mind is the Falken Wild Peak All-Terrain A/T3W Off-Road Tire. This is the best bet for trucks that see moderate off-road use, providing a solid balance of quiet operation and durable performance for various applications. The tire features tough side walls and an aggressive tread pattern to help eject mud, snow, sand or anything else you get your truck into. The interlocking tread design also helps promote increase stability when you're faced with loose road conditions such as snow or gravel. Choose the Falken Wild Peak All-Terrain A/T3W for a tire that effortlessly combines durability and versatile all-terrain performance, ensuring your truck is ready for any journey that comes its way.
Product Name Price Features Rating
P285/70R17 Falken Wild Peak All-Terrain A/T3W Off-Road Tire $274
  • Rated for Mud and Snow
  • Provides more Traction over Stock
  • Keeps road noise to a minimum
5 Stars

Final Thoughts

In the realm of off-road exploration, transforming your 2019+ Ranger into an overland powerhouse requires dedication, but the results are well worth the payoff. From roof rack systems, to off-road bumpers and everything else in between, you can acheive the perfect setup for your ranger in practically no time at all. Gear up and conquer untamed trails with ease by checking out everything we have to offer for the 2019+ Ford Ranger!

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