Discover Why America Misses Out on the Ford Everest Raptor
In the automotive world, certain vehicles are just plain extraordinary. Whether it be the thunderous roar of a powerful engine, the aggressive stance that commands attention, or the carefully crafted details that turn heads at every corner – these vehicles simply capture our attention. Among these, Ford Raptor models stand out with their awesome styling and serious off-road capability that set them apart from the rest of the pack. In this article, we're going to break down what makes the Raptor a truly special platform, and showcase the coolest Raptor modification you can't get here in North America – the Ford Everest Raptor. While exploring this topic might create some envy, we hope it's gives you some inspiration of your own to create some truly one-of-a-kind builds.

What Makes the Raptor Platform So Special?

Ford Raptor models like the Bronco Raptor and F150 Raptor are known for their bold design elements, making them a highly-coveted choice among enthusiasts seeking the perfect blend of style and performance. From the rugged design of their front grilles to their aggressive front and rear bumpers, it's easy to point out a Raptor on the road. Beyond their attention-grabbing exterior, each Raptor comes equipped with heavy-duty suspension components that are engineered to handle rugged landscapes with ease. These components make the Raptors a force in the world of high-performance trucks. Luckily for you and me, most Raptor models are generally easy to come by here in the United States, allowing us to experience the thrill of driving these off-road machines firsthand. However, there's one Raptor variant that remains nearly impossible to track down on American roads.

The Ford Everest Raptor

The Ford Everest is a robust SUV that's available in various countries outside of the United States, and has gained some popularity with its diesel-powered performance and design. While it hasn't yet graced American roads, the Everest has become a reliable companion for many drivers in Australia, Thailand, India, Vietnam, and the Philippines. This is where Shana E-Sport, a premium motorsport company based out of Thailand, got their hands on this beast in order to give it their exclusive Raptor modification. Through expert customization, the Everest Raptor was born, resulting in a striking appearance that sparks both curiosity and admiration. Shana E-Sport features a ton of these one-of-a-kind builds, going above and beyond the standard modifications seen on many off-road trucks today, converting the Everest's front, rear, and suspension to embody the aggressive Raptor aesthetic.

While the Everest Raptor truly is a spectacle to behold, it has one major drawback. There's no evidence to support Shana E-Sport added on any performance modifications under the hood, making this an aesthetic-only upgrade. Sure, it benefits from the major suspension upgrades, all-terrain tires and premium off-road lighting; however, you won't experience the raw power provided by a larger engine seen on the real Raptor models. Nevertheless, the Everest Raptor serves as a testament to the artistry of automotive customization, creating envy among enthusiasts worldwide with its distinct blend of design and ingenuity.

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