Before you Buy: The Best Bed Accessories for your 2019+ Ford Ranger
The Ford Ranger has long been celebrated for its versatility and rugged capability, making it a top choice for adventure seekers and hardworking individuals alike. Whether you're navigating city streets or tackling off-road trails, the 2019+ Ford Ranger is designed to handle it all with both style and ease. But what if you could enhance its functionality even further? Adding the right Bed Accessories can transform your Ranger into an even more efficient and organized machine, ready to take on any challenge. From bed racks and molle panels to innovative storage solutions and tailgate upgrades, these accessories will help you get the most out of your Ranger’s bed space. Let's dive into the best bed accessories that will elevate your Ford Ranger to the next level.

2019+ Ford Ranger Bed Rack Kits

For those looking to enhance their Ford Ranger's cargo capacity, the RCI 12" Aluminum Adjustable Bed Rack offers an excellent choice. Designed for both 5ft and 6ft beds, this lightweight yet durable aluminum rack offers a low-profile design, standing just 12 inches above the bed rails. Its 46-inch length and adjustable width from 54 to 64 inches make it versatile for mounting various accessories like camping gear, roof-top tents, and more. The rack also features universal mounts and features an easy installation process than can setup in just minutes. You'll also be able to securely attach hi-lift jacks, fire extinguishers, and other essential equipment, ensuring you're always prepared for your next adventure.

Transitioning to another must-have accessory, the PUTCO Bed Molle-Panels keep your gear secure, organized, and easily accessible. Made from CNC cut 10-gauge aluminum with a textured black powder coat finish, these lightweight panels resists rust and integrates seamlessly into the bed of your 2019-2023 Ford Ranger using OEM mounting points. They also accommodate spray-in bed liners and most Tonneau Covers, maintaining clearance for factory tie-downs and bedside outlets. Available for the front, driver side, and passenger side, these panels provide a customizable solution to maximize your load capacity while keeping everything within reach.

Product Name Price Features
RCI 12" Aluminum Adjustable Bed Rack $1150
  • Weighs much less than steel racks
  • Universal mounts can accept a ton of accessories
  • Simple bolt-on installation
  • Adjustable width from 54-64 inches
PUTCO Bed Molle-Panels $270-$440
  • Available for Front, Sides, and Tailgate of bed
  • Keeps your gear organized and accessible
  • Compatible with spray-in liners and tonneau covers
  • Provides clearance for factory tie downs

2019+ Ford Ranger Bed Storage Upgrades

Enhancing your Ford Ranger's storage capabilities can greatly improve your truck’s functionality and convenience. The Undercover Swing Case Storage Box is an excellent solution for managing smaller items without compromising bed space. Made from strong yet lightweight ABS plastic, this custom-fitted box swings out on a hinge for easy access and locks securely in place when not in use. Weather-resistant and made in the USA, it includes a rail for secure attachment, providing 1.5 cubic feet of storage for tools and essentials.

For those needing even more storage capacity and organization, the Front Runner Medium Load Bed Cargo Slide is a game-changer. Designed for the toughest roads, this cargo slide offers easy access to your tools, coolers, and gear with its nearly 100% extendable tray. Capable of holding up to 551.2 lbs, it features multiple tie-down points and two cargo attachment channels for secure storage. The dual latching lock keeps the drawer closed and rattle-free, while the durable black powder coating ensures long-lasting use. Ideal for mounting under a canopy or camper shell, this slide requires drilling for installation on flat surfaces, making it a robust addition to your Ranger's bed.

Product Name Price Features
Undercover Swing Case $239
  • Available for either Driver's or Passenger's side
  • Swings on a hinge for easy access
  • Keeps out prying eyes and inclement weather
  • Made in the USA
Front Runner Medium Load Bed Cargo Slide $1823
  • Hold-Open feature prevents slide from closing on uneven surfaces
  • Dual latching lock keeps unit closed and rattle-free
  • Impressive 550lb weight rating
  • Multiple points for tie downs and attachment channels

2019+ Ford Ranger Tailgate Upgrades

Upgrading your Ford Ranger's tailgate can significantly enhance its functionality and protection. The AMP Research BEDXTENDER HD Max is a versatile addition that allows your tailgate to remain open, adding nearly two more feet of bed length. Its U-shape design maximizes cargo capacity, making it perfect for hauling larger items like dirt bikes or work equipment. Flip it inside with the tailgate closed to secure smaller tools and cargo. This bed extender features a matte black finish and is custom-fitted for the 2019-2023 Ford Ranger, ensuring a seamless look and easy, no-drill installation with the included bolt-on bracket.

Complementing this, the WeatherTech TechLiner Bed & Tailgate Liners offer unparalleled protection for your truck bed and tailgate. Custom-fit for the 2019-2023 Ranger, these liners prevent scratches, dents, and paint damage, preserving your truck's factory finish. Made from 100% recyclable, odorless thermoplastic elastomer, the liners are flexible, durable, and resistant to chemicals and UV rays. The soft-touch material keeps your cargo secure and in place, while the hook and loop system ensures easy installation and removal for cleaning. With these liners, your Ranger’s bed and tailgate are shielded from heavy use and harsh elements, making them an essential upgrade for any Ranger owner.

Product Name Price Features
AMP Research BedXtender HD Max $329
  • Allows your tailgate to remain open
  • Flips inside to hold smaller tools with tailgate closed
  • Adds two more feet to your truck bed
  • Sleek matte black finish
WeatherTech TechLiner Bed & Tailgate Liners $266
  • Easy to install pick-up bed protection
  • Fits to the exact contours of your truck
  • No messy sprays or drilling required
  • Flexible and durable

Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the benefits of adding a bed rack to my Ford Ranger?

A bed rack increases your Ranger's cargo capacity, allowing you to mount additional gear such as camping equipment, roof-top tents, and larger items that wouldn't fit within the bed alone. It also helps in better organization and accessibility of your cargo.

What are Molle panels and how can they be used in a Ranger's bed?

Molle panels are versatile mounting systems that allow you to secure various types of gear using MOLLE, PALS, and other strapping systems. They help keep your tools and equipment organized, easily accessible, and secure, even on rough terrains.

What should I consider when choosing bed accessories for my Ford Ranger?

When selecting bed accessories, consider their compatibility with your Ranger's bed size, ease of installation, durability, and how they enhance your truck's functionality. Think about your specific needs, such as additional storage, protection from damage, or increased cargo capacity.

Are bed accessories compatible with tonneau covers?

Many bed accessories, such as low-profile bed racks and liners, are designed to be compatible with tonneau covers. However, it's important to check the specifications of both the accessories and the tonneau cover to ensure they can be used together without any issues.

Do bed accessories require professional installation?

Most bed accessories, like the ones featured in this article, are designed for easy, do-it-yourself installation. They often come with all necessary hardware and instructions. However, some accessories might require drilling or more complex installation, so always review the installation process beforehand.


Enhancing your 2019+ Ford Ranger with the right bed accessories can greatly improve its functionality, versatility, and overall performance. From the RCI 12" Aluminum Adjustable Bed Rack and PUTCO Front Molle-Panel to the Undercover Driver's Side Swing Case Storage Box and Front Runner Medium Load Bed Cargo Slide, each accessory offers unique benefits tailored to meet the diverse needs of Ranger owners. By upgrading your Ranger with these top-notch accessories, you can ensure a more organized, efficient, and enjoyable driving experience, whether you're on an off-road adventure or handling daily tasks.

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